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BRADFORD William, Rev.
Sketches of the country, character and costume in Portugal and Spain ... / engraved and coloured from the drawings by ... William Bradford ... with descriptions, of each subject. Sketches of military costume in Spain and Portugal

A fine collection of scenic views of Portugal and Spain along with examples of native costume, and a supplement of 13 plates of the military uniforms of the Spanish, Portuguese, and French armies.

London: Duke St, Portland Place, 1809-1810.
Hiler pg. 110; Abbey Travel 135; Tooley 109; Bobins II 348.
London: Duke St, Portland Place, 1809-1810.

2 pt.; Folio. English and French. Fifty-two hand-coloured aquatints by J. Clark after Bradford and H. Michel. Bradford was Chaplain of Brigade to the Expedition, and his “Sketches of Portugal and Spain,” which was first published in some 24 parts between 1809 and 1810, enjoyed great popularity in the immediate aftermath of the Peninsula War, with further issues following in 1812 1813 and 1823. Full straight-grained red morocco with embossed designs in blind and gilt to boards and spine. All edges gilt. Coloured endpapers. Spine expertly re-backed, some wear to extremities, plates in good condition. Coloured plates in order: 1. Creek of Maceira. 2. A Car of Portuguese Estremadura. 3. Torres Vedras from the West. 4. Peasant of Torres Vedras. 5. Cintra. 6. Cintra from the Lisbon Road. 7. Franciscans. 8. Lisbon and Aqueduct of Alcantara. 9. Aqueduct of Alcantara. 10. Gentleman of Lisbon. 11. Lady of Lisbon, of the Middle Class. 12. Pass between Nisa and Vila Velha. 13. Peasant Boy of Nisa. 14. Peasant in a Straw Coat. 15. View on the Targus near Villa Velha. 16. Girl of Guarda. 17. Bishop of Guarda. 18-19. Peasants of the Corregimiento of Salamanca. 20. Armed Peasant of the Ciudad Rodrigo Militia. 21. The Boleras Dance. 22. View of Salamanca. 23. A Doctor of Salamanca. 24. A Student of the Irish College, Salamanca. 25. Interior of the Cathedral of Salamanca. 26. A Spanish Lady with her Attendant, going to Mass. 27. An Infant Capuchin. 28. Interior of the Dominican Church, Salamanca. 29. Servant Girls of Salamanca. 30. Aliejos - a Town in the Plains of Leon. 31. Spanish Courier. 32. Peasants of the Corregimiento of Toro. 33. Toro. 34. Shepherds of the Plains of Leon, in their Winter Clothing. 35. Castle of Benevente. 36. Pass of Manzanal. 37. Entrance to Villa Franca. 38. View and Pass near Villa Franca. 39. View between Constantine and Nogales. 40. Spanish Military Costume. Light Infantry (Catalonian) / Artillery. 41. Spanish Grenadiers. 42. Spanish Infantry. 43. Spanish Light Horse. 44. Spanish Heavy Horse. 45. Portuguese Marine. 46. Portuguese Regiment of Alcantara. 47. Portuguese Legion da Lorgna. 48. Novion, or Lisbon Police Cavalry. 49. Lisbon Police Guard / Armed Peasant of Algarva. 50. Portuguese Military Costume. 51. A Private of French Infantry. 52. A French Dragoon.