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SMITH, Charles Hamilton.
Selection of the Ancient Costume of Great Britian and Ireland, from the seventh to sixteenth century, out of collection in possession of the author

London: by William Bulmer and Co. Shakespeare-Press, for Messrs. Colnaghi and Co. 1814.
Abbey Life 431; Tooley 457; Prideaux pp. 321,352; Colas 2755; Bobins II 723.
London: by William Bulmer and Co. Shakespeare-Press, for Messrs. Colnaghi and Co. 1814.

FIRST EDITION. Folio (360 x 258 mm). Contemporary red straight-grain morocco covers with wide border in gilt and in blind enclosing a central lozenge panel in gilt with blind rolls either side inner dentelles with wave rule in gilt brown endpapers gilt edges. 60 coloured aquatints, most with another small coloured engraving of a coat of arms implements tolls etc at the bottom. Rubbed front joint starting at foot few small ahead of stripping front inner hinge cracked but holding firm still an attractive binding second plate sometime detached (in consequence a little dusty and creased at extreme upper margin above the plate) and tipped in on adjacent text leaf overall a very good copy. Fresh hinges, new spine inserted, old spine relaid. *Rebinding and restoration work on this book was carried out by Ron Norman of Hartlepool. (Ronnorm@aol.com)* Coloured plates in order: 1. Title page. 2. Anglo Saxon King of the 8th century and his armour bearer equipped for battle. Anno 750. 3. Anglo Saxon Woman of the 8th century. Anno 750. 4. Anglo Saxon Lady of the 9th century. Anno 850. 5. Costume of a Cambrian Prince presumed to represent Hywel dda, or Hywel the good, King of Wales. Anno 940. 6. Habit of a Bishop of the 10th century. Anno 950. 7. King Edgar with an Anglo Saxon Youth of distinction. Anno 966. 8. Anglo Saxon Military Chief, Trumpeter and Warriors. Anno 975. 9. Anglo-Danish Warriors of the reign of King Canute. Anno 1035. 10. Ships of William the Conqueror. Anno 1066. 11. Richard I, King of England, Duke of Normandy & Aquitaine and Earl of Anjou, surnamed Coeur de Lion. Anno 1189. 12. Sir Hugh Bardolf. Anno 1204. 13. Alberic de Vere, 2nd Earl of Oxford, Lord High Chamberlain of England and Adelizia his Countess. Anno 1215. 14. Costume of a Young Nobleman of thr reign of King Henry III in Summer dress. Anno 1250. 15. Habits of Ladies in the reign of Henry III. Anno 1250. 16. Costume of the reign of King Henry III. Anno 1250. 17. Soldiers of the Reign of King Henry III. Anno 1259. 18. Avelina, daughter & heir of William de Fortibus, Earl of Albemarle, First Wife of Edmund Crouchback, Earl of Lancaster. Anno 1269. 19. Shipping etc of the reign of King Henry III. Anno 1269. 20. Fools, or Jesters. Anno 1272. 21. Sir Roger de Trumpington. Anno 1289. 22. A Scots Knight supposed to represent the person of a chief of the Isles. Anno 1306. 23. A Knight Templar of the 14th century in his military habit. Anno 1309. 24. Thomas, Earl of Lancaster, Leicester, Derby & Lincoln, and Steward of England. Anno 1314. 25. A Horse Litter. Anno 1325. 26. Sir John Seisylt (Cecil), Knight. Anno 1333. 27. Philippa of Hainault, Queen of England. Anno 1369. 28. Trumpeters performing in Concert. Anno 1375. 29. Ships of the 14th and 15th Centuries. From 1375 to 1425. 30. Artillery, Warlike Machines and Soldiers of the 15th century. Anno 1375 - 1425. 31. Edward Prince of Aquitaine & Wales, Duke of Cornwall & Earl of Chester, surnamed of Woodstock (The Black Prince). Anno 1376. 32. Edward III, King of England and France & Lord of Ireland, surnamed of Windsor. Anno 1377. 33. Joane Plantagenet, Princess of Wales, and Countess of Kent, surnamed the fair Maid of Kent. Anno 1377. 34. Officers of the Court of King Richard II. Anno 1377. 35. Sir William Beauchamp, Lord Bergavenny, Captain of Calais, Custos of the County of Pembroke. Anno 1392. 36. Arthur McMurroch, King of Leinster. Anno 1399. 37. King Richard II betrayed by the Earl of Northumberland. Anno 1399. 38. Roger Walden, Bishop of London. Anno 1405. 39. John Crosbie, Prior of Coventry. Anno 1407-8. 40. A Lady of the reign of King Henry V. Anno 1417. 41. Sir William Gascoigne, Chief Justice of the King's Bench. Anno 1413. 42. Robert Chaumberleyn, Esquire to the King. Anno 1420. 43. Ralph Nevill, First Earl of Westmoreland, Lord of Raby Castle, Earl Marshall, Knight of the Garter, etc, etc, and his second Wife Joan Beaufort. Anno 1425-6. 44. Joan Pickering, Lady Gascoigne. Anno 1429. 45. Cecilia, Lady of Sir Bryan Stapleton. Anno 1432. 46. A Sportsman of Quality and Gamekeeper of the reign of King Henry VI. Anno 1435. 47. Richard Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, Regent of France, Governor of Normandy and Captain of Calais. Anno 1439. 48. Joyce, Lady Tiptoft and Powys. Anno 1446. 49. Military costumes of the reign of King henry VI. Anno 1447. 50. Henry VI, King of England and France and Lord of Ireland, surnamed of Windsor. Anno 1450. 51. Margaret of Anjou, Queen to King henry VI. Anno 1450. 52. Courtier of the reign of King Henry VI, supposed to represent John Viscount Beaumont, earl of Boulogne, Constable & Lord High Chamberlain of England. Anno 1450. 53. A Tournament as practised in the 15th century. Anno 1450. 54. A Fisherman of the 15th century. Anno 1450. 55. Soldiers & Cannon of the latter end of the 14th & the beginning of the 15th centuries. Anno 1450 - 1500. 56. Costumes of Pages & Valets, in the reign of King Edward IV. Anno 1475. 57. A Warder or Porter. Anno 1480. 58. Ships of the Reign of King Edward IV. Anno 1482. 59. English Archers of the reign of King Edward IV. Anno 1482. 60. A Lady & Gentleman in Summer dress. Anno 1500. 61. Sir Rhys ab Thomas, Knight Banneret & K.G., Governor of all Wales. Anno 1500.