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Queen Anne, KIng James Version Bible.

London: Charles Bill & the Executrix of Thomas Newcomb deceased, Printers to the Queens Moft Excel Majesty, 1708
London: Charles Bill & the Executrix of Thomas Newcomb deceased, Printers to the Queens Moft Excel Majesty, 1708

Authorised (King James) Version. Size: 8" x 5", 3" thick. Absolutely STUNNING 1708 - Queen Anne - Holy Bible with contemporary exquisite hand coloured engravings and bound in the original very fine gold tooled, highly decorated covers (cottage roof style) depicting flowers, ferns, elaborate vines and tulips. MS inscription to prelim "Alice King her Book given by Hugh King 1731." & "Catherine King's Book now Catherine Stone's December 16th 1762." This Bible contains some of the finest hand coloured engravings that have survived this age and it is red ruled (by hand) throughout with both title pages present. A (hand-coloured) frontispiece portrait of Queen Anne ("Anne by the grace of God of Eng. Scotl. Fr. and Ireland Queen -sovereign of the most noble order of the Garter") plus a total of 65 hand coloured engravings with scripture references showing various scenes of the Bible in almost incredible detail and perfection. Each plate is a fine work of art. At 300 + years old this Bible is in an almost EXCELLENT condition. Because of the time and craftsmanship required to produce this stunning Bible, it must have been owned by very wealthy people. And it has been cared for very, very well over the centuries. The pages are in wonderful condition, the hand colouring is very fine in detail with rich colours and still in excellent condition. Paper is crisp and clean with overall some light staining and a few small tears not affecting the text of engravings. The binding is solid and this museum piece could even be read on a daily basis. There are a few handwritten notes in the front but no other writings. See the many pictures of this astounding piece of art. As the end of the reign of Elizabeth I (1558-1603) neared, within Parliament a draft is drawn up under an Act of Parliament for the sole purpose of a new version of the Bible: "An act for the reducing of diversities of bibles now extant in the English tongue to one settled vulgar translated from the original." The resulting (Authorised) King James Version is an English translation of the Bible from the original languages (Hebrew and Greek) begun in 1604 and first published in 1611 by the Church of England. No book has had greater influence on the English language or on the English character. For the next three hundred years the majority of English men and women heard it read aloud Sunday after Sunday and, until within living memory, a very large proportion of people read the Bible with steady, life-long devotion in their own homes. And this great quality was carried to America, where its influence has hardly been less. All antique family Bibles published before 1881 are exclusive in the Authorised or King James translation. Coloured plates in order: Old Testament. 1. Frontispiece. Royal portrait of Queen Anne. 2. The creation of the world. 3. The fall of Adam. 4. Cain Murders Abel. 5. The continuance of the flood. 6. Lot and his two daughters. 7. Jacobs Vision. 8. Moses cat into the Flags. 9. Moses rod turned into a Sepent. 10. The Pasover. 11. Moses breaketh the Tables. 12. Nadab and Abihu burnt. 13. Balaam reproved by his Ass. 14. God shewed unto Moses the land of promise. 15. The Son & Moon stand still at the word of Joshua. 16. Adonibezek justly requited. 17. Jepthahs Vow. 18. Delilahs falsehood to Sampson. 19. Elies death. 20. Goliath Killed by David. 21. Abigail pacifieth David. 22. David & Bathsheba Uriahs Wife. 23. Absalon slain by Joab. 24. King Saul / King David / King Solomon / King Rehoboam. 25. King Asa / King Abijam / King Jehoram / King Jehosaphat. 26. Elijah fed by Ravens. 27. Elyah taken up unto Heaven. 28. The Assyrians slain by the angel. 29. Satan tempteth Job. 30. Job blessed. 31. The Song of Solomon. 32. Isaiah's Vision. 33. Jeremiahs Visions. 34. Jeremiah drawn up out of the dungeon. 35. Ezekiels Vision. 36. The Resurrection of dry bones. 37. The Three children delivered. New Testament. 38. Herods Cruelty. 39. The fating and temptation of Christ. 40. Christ rebuketh the Winds. 41. The House of Prayer. 42. Christ feedeth five thousand men. 43. The unmerciful Servant. 44. Christ riding to Jerusalem. 45. Christ praying in the Garden. 46. St. Mark. 47. St. Luke. 48. Christs Nativity. 49. The Angel appearing to the Shepherds. 50. Christ questions the Doctors. 51. The good Samaritane. 52. Christ appeareth to two disciples. 53. The Pharisee and publicane. 54. Christ betraied. 55. Christ taken down from the Cross. 56. The Marriage in Cana. 57. Christ comuning with Nicodemus. 58. Christ carrying his Crosse. 59. Christ crucified. 60. Christs Ascension. 61. The coming of the Holy Ghost. 62. Saint Stephen stoned. 63. St. Paul. 64. St. James Major. 65. St. John. 66. The seven golden Candlesticks. 67. The opening of the Seales. 68. Satan bound for a thousand years.