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Punch And Judy.

An uncommon title about one of England's earliest puppet shows. George Cruikshank's drawings illustrate Giovanni Piccini's "The Tragical Comedy or Comical Tragedy of Punch & Judy."

London: S Prowett, 1828.
London: S Prowett, 1828.

Second edition. Full of numerous full-colour illustrations by George Cruikshank. 141+ pp. Hardcover. 8vo. Full blue calf with elaborate gilt tooling to spine and boards with contrasting panels to spine. All edges gilt and marbled endpapers. A fine binding. Spine slightly cocked head & heel slightly rubbed; pages toned with scattered foxing; else clean & tight. Interesting work outlining the origins of Punch in Italy, puppet plays in England, the arrival of Punch in England, and the nature and character of Punch's performances. Coloured plates in order: 1. Frontispiece. Mr. Punch. 2. [no caption] Mr. Punch is bitten on the nose by a dog. 3. [no caption] Mr. Punch is seen retreating behind a side scene after Scaramouch enters with a large stick! 4. [no caption] Judy enters with a child in her arms. 5. [no caption] Punch is seen with the child. 6. [no caption] Punch allows the child to slip and fall from the (window) stage. 7. [no caption] Judy beats Punch with a large stick! 8. [no caption] Punch 'turns the table' on Judy and beats her the large stick! 9. [no caption] Punch is seen on stage with 'Pretty Polly.' (poorly coloured) 10. [no caption] Three gentlemen dressed like courtiers. One with an elongated neck. 11. [no caption] Punch seen riding his horse. 12. [no caption] Punch (thrown from his horse) is attended to by a doctor. 13. [no caption] Punch is seen semi recovered, retreating from the doctor, who, while brandishing the large stick, asks Punch, 'where it hurts'? 14. [no caption] Punch is seen now beating the doctor! 15. [no caption] Punch is seen with a black servant in a foreign livery. 16. [no caption] Punch is seen driving the servant off the stage. (He shortly returns with a large stick!) 17. [no caption] Punch has fought and beaten the servant (to death?) with the large stick. 18. [no caption] Punch is seen on stage with an old, blind man, feeling his way along with a staff. 19. [no caption] Punch is entangled with Jack Ketch in a fur cap. 20. [no caption] Jack Ketch fixes a gibbet on stage with Punch looking on behind a window at the back of the stage. 21. [no caption] Punch tricks Jack Ketch into 'showing' him how to put a head into a noose. Having duly obliged him, Punch promptly tightens the noose around Jack Ketch's neck and kills him! 22. [no caption] Punch looks horrified as he sees the devil peeping in at a corner of the stage. 23. [no caption] Punch, and the devil fight each other with sticks. 24. [no caption] Punch is seen triumphant, holding the devil aloft, 'skewered' on the end of his stick!