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DOYLE, John.
Political Sketches etc By H.B

London: Thos. MacLean, N.D. [Plates dated between and 1847]
London: Thos. MacLean, N.D. [Plates dated between and 1847]

Large folio comprising a specially printed engraved title page; 100 full-page political caricature plates lithographed by John Doyle, all fully hand coloured with wash borders some trimmed to borders and mounted to size; occasional dust soiling and a little fraying at edges; occasional spotting or a few small stains; a few repaired tears but generally clean and bright impressions throughout. Bound in contemporary binders' cloth with modern smart re-backed in black polished morocco spine; title in gilt and with gilt raised bands. Cloth beginning to wear at edges, but a handsome volume. Doyle produced about 900 of these political caricatures between 1829 and about 1850 of which the present collection represents a selection covering the whole period; Doyle's work was issued in annual volumes of 100 plates but these were uncoloured; the individual plates issued to subscribers were with contemporary colouring and it is a selection of these that is presented here. Coloured plates in order: 1. The Three and the Deuse. 2. A Joinder in the Pleas. 3. A Small Tea Party of Superannuated Politicians. 4. The Jockey. 5. Newcastle versus Newark. 6. The Affidavit. 7. Courier from France. 8. A Scene in the Court of Chancery. 9. The Vindication. 10. John Bull's Complaint to the Public Schoolmaster. 11. [Poem] "O! mark ye here a brave and loyal knight....." 12. Auction Extraordinary: that is to say, an Extraordinary Auction. 13. Hawthorn. 14. Bombardment Extraordinary or Achilles versus Punch. 15. Writing the K---g's Speech. 16. "A Wild Elephant led between Two Tame Ones." 17. A Nocturnal Reverie. 18. San Leopoldo Matamoros or The Princess Charlotte's Own, charging the Holy Alliance. 19. The Magic Mirror or a Peep into Futurity. 20. The Greek Papers. 21. The Abatement. 22. The Lord Chancellor... 23. Conversation at Whites. 24. A Political Union. 25. O Yes! O Yes! O Yes! 26. Hunt the Slipper or "Cherche qui Peut." 27. Migra - Tory Peers. 28. A Portrait. 29. David & Goliah. 30. Dispersion of the Thimble - Rig.... 31. State Cricket Match. 32. Unhappy Ghosts Crossing the Styx. 33. The Curtain Leap. 34. Stag at Bay. 35. The Goose of the Capitol alias a Capital Goose! 36. Sancho feasting as Governor of the Island of Barataria. 37. Friar Tuck and Little John (Again). 38. A Classical Subject! 39. Deficiency ---- Surplus. 40. Irish Poucha! or Hase of the Fairies. 41. Maternal Solicitude -- Unnatural Offspring. A Political Simile. 42. An Irish Wake. 43. Another Heavy Blow. 44. A Distinguished Teetotalist. 45. The Game of Pope - Joan! 46. Beauty and the Beast. 47. Ulysses and the Syrens. 48. Comus and The Lady! 49. Cupid Taming the Elements. 50. Apollo and the Tuneful Nine! 51. To Mr John Bull, &c. &c. 52. A Brummagen M.P. 53. The Great Moth. 54. Vacation Amusements (No. 2) Swing, Swong! 55. Vacation Amusements No. 5. Angling. 56. Political Showbox. 57. A New Illustration of the fable of The Bull & The Frog! 58. Start for the Great Westminster Trial Stakes! 59. Nicholas Nickleby's Introduction to Squeers! 60. New Tale of a Tub! 61. A Scene from Der Freischutz. 62. "The Stormy Petrel" or One of Mother Carey's Chickens. 63. A Pit-iable Situation. 64. Illustration of The Dog in the Manger. 65. Exchequer Bill Affair. A Dark Transaction! 66. The Peeliades in attempting to give their father eternal life, "Bleed Him To Death." 67. Caius Marius sitting amidst the ruins of Carthage. 68. A Pleasant Situation! 69. An Ominous Conjunction of Two Great Luminaries (of the law!.) 70. A Govenor General (as was). 71. A Governor General (as is). 72. Bellerophon in Danger! 73. Alarming Situation! 74. Achilles defending his friend Patroclus. 75. A Curious Figure that kicks all manner of ways! 76. A Problem not to be found in Euclid. 77. A Cutter for Sale! 78. Cupid Blowing Bubbles. 79. The Fate of Actaeon. 80. Three United-States-Men. 81. A Duti-ful Subject or "The Man Wot Never Interferes In Any Business Over Which He Has No Control." 82. Design for The New Vane or Weathercock. 83. A Contrast between The Cares of Office and The Ease of Opposition. 84. Jack Cade's Insurrection! 85. The Treaty between The Sheep and The Wolves. 86. A Scene from the Beggar's Opera. 87. An Irish Version of Galileo and the Inquisitors! 88. Extraordinary escape of an Old Rat. "There's Much Between The Cup And Lip." 89. "The Travelled Monkey." 90. Dropping it like a Red-Hot Poker! 91. A Bishop tossed by a Bull, and worried by a Martin! 92. Two Great Pillars of The Church. 93. "Soirees Mysterieuses." 94. Extraordinary Musician! Wot plays on various instruments - all at once! 95. "Not Caught Yet." 96. "Dilly, Dilly, Come and be Killed!" 97. The Fates. 98. Perseus Flying to the Rescue of Andromeda. 99. Telemachus & Mentor. 100. The Centaur Nessus carrying off Deianira.