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G. Mathiere. Editeur
Petit Portfeuille Moderne de Tentures.

Paris: Publications Speciales D'Ameublement, (ca. 1900)
Paris: Publications Speciales D'Ameublement, (ca. 1900)

With 64 numbered coloured lithographs, in contemporary colour. Oblong 8vo., bound in publisher's green cloth with a gilt embossed 'Centures' to upper board. A curious collection of a mixture of Louis XV and XVI, Empire and Art Nouveau Fabric design plates which have been hand-coloured at the time of publication. The plates depict various household fabrics in use in Paris and throughout France at the end of the nineteenth century. The fabrics include many samples of curtains for windows, bed canopies, table and piano covers, door covers, etc. Early ownership stamp of Italian turn-of-the-century interior design firm 'S.A. Giovanni Bandini' of Rome. Slight wear to binding extremities and spine, inner hinges cracked- else good. Coloured plates in order: 1. Fenetre Louis XVI. 2. Lit Louis XVI. 3. Table a Coiffer Louis XVI. 4. Fenetre Louis XIII. 5. Fenetre Moderne. 6. Portiere Henri II. 7. Fenetre Louis XVI. 8. Fenetre Louis XV. 9. Lit Louis XV. 10. Piano Henri II. 11. Fenetre Gothique. 12. Baie Renaissance. 13. Fenetre Japonaise. 14. Fenetre Henri II. 15. Fenetre Empire. 16. Lit Empire. 17. Baie Louis XVI. 18. Fenetre Louis XIV. 19. Fenetre Renaissance. 20. Cheminee et Glace Louis XV. 21. Piano Henri II. 22. Fenetre Genre Anglais. 23. Lit Genre Anglais. 24. Cheminee et Glace Louis XVI. 25. Fenetre Art Nouveau. 26. Fenetre Zlouis XV. 27. Fenetre Renaissance. 28. Fenetre Empire. 29. Fenetre Louis XVI. 30. Lit Louis XVI. 31. Baie Louis XIV. 32. Piano Louis XVI. 33. Fenetre Henri II. 34. Fenetre Genre Japonaise. 35. Seige et Ecran Japonaise. 36. Fenetre Moderne. 37. Lit Moderne. 38. Piano Louis XV. 39. Portiere Louis XIII. 40. Fenetre Louis XV. 41. Fenetre Louis XVI. 42. Baie Louis XV. 43. Fenetre Louis XV. 44. Lit Louis XV. 45. Table a Coiffer Louis XV. 46. Cheminee et Glace, Genre Oriental. 47. Portiere Louis XVI. 48. Portiere Fantaisie. 49. Vestibule Louis XVI. 50. Fenetre Empire. 51. Lit Empire. 52. Depart d'Escalier Moderne. 53. Fenetre Louis XV. 54. Baie Henri II. 55. Cheminee et Glace Louis XVI. 56. Fenetre Mauresque. 57. Fenetre Louis XVI. 58. Lit Louis XVI. 59. Fenetre Art Nouveau. 60. Portiere Art Nouveau. 61. Cheminee et Glace Art Nouveau. 62. Depart d'Escalier Gothique. 63. Fenetre Louis XIV. 64. Lit Louis XIV.