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'Abdullah Hatifi.
Khurasan & Qazwin, Safavid.
Khosrow wa Shirin & Timurnama.

Provenance: Mughal Royal Library of Emperor Jahangir (r.1605-27) Mughal Royal Library of Emperor Shah Jahan (r.1628-58) Ex collection Hoop Kevorkian (d.1962)

[Two works bound in one volume]. Persian manuscripts. Volume 1: On sprinkled gold paper, 75 leaves, plus 11 fly-leaves, 12 lines to the page, written in nasta'liq in black ink, text divided into two columns, ruled in light blue, red, green and gold, headings in white nasta'liq against a gold ground within polychrome cartouche. 3 coloured images. Volume 2: On manuscript paper, 14 lines to the page written in nasta'liq in black ink, text divided into two columns, ruled in green, orange, gold and blue, headings in gold nata'liq, with polychrome and gold headings. 9 coloured images, incomplete in a European binding. Gilt banding to spine, gilt letters to red leather title to spine, slightly worn at hinges. The first three coloured images are of the Khurasan school and attributed to ca.1570; the others from the Timurama are dated a decade later and attributed to Qazwin. Coloured plated, not in order: 1. Timur enthroned with the captive Sultan of Turkey. 2. Victory of Timur over the Indians. 3.Victory of Timur over the savages in Turan. 4. Victory of Timur over Shah Mansur. 5. Victory of Timur over Mang Khan. 6. Timur hunting near Shiraz. 7. Timur entertained by musicians. 8. Timur enthroned in Balkh. 9. The battle of Mir Hussain at Balkh. 10. Three maids seated before Khosrow and Shirin. 11. Sharon approaches Farhead who kneels beside Mount Behistun. 12. Khosrow sits enthroned with Shirin.