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PERRY, Matthew Calbraith, Commodore.
Francis Hawks.
Narrative of the Expedition of an American Squadron to the China Seas and Japan, performed in the years 1852, 1853, and 1854...

New York & London: D. Appleton & Company, 1857.
Bobins I 302.
New York & London: D. Appleton & Company, 1857.

Quarto (11 3/8" x 8 3/4"). 86 tinted lithograph plates (including the suppressed Public Bath at Simoda") 2 folding chromo-lithographed facsimiles of paintings, 1 chromo-lithograph from a drawing, 6 maps (5 lithographed [2 of these folding], 1 wood-engraved) plus numerous wood-engraved illustrations in the text. Contemporary full brown morocco covers elaborately blocked in blind; spine in six compartments with raised bands; lettered in gilt in the second compartment the others with repeat decoration in blind; marbled end papers; gilt edges. MS inscription prelim reads: "Robert Troup Pell, from his Aunt Jane Brinckerhoff Dec. 1856". With some professional repairs to hinges and spine. Corners strengthened. A fine copy of the one-volume edition of Perry's Narrative published the year after the three-volume official report on the opening of Japan. Perry had been selected in January 1852 "to undertake the most important diplomatic mission ever entrusted to an American naval officer the negotiation of a treaty with Japan a country at this time sealed against intercourse with Occidental powers" (DAB). Perry felt that the way to bring Japan out of its isolationist position was to exhibit superior naval forces. This report of the important first expedition to Japan for 4 centuries and preliminary attempts to establish relations between the 2 countries. A tour de force of diplomacy on the part of Perry and his American expeditionary force. Coloured plates in order: 1. U.S. Steam Frigate Mississippi passing Punta Tristao. N.W. point of Madeira. 2. Loo Rock & Pontinha, Madeira. 3. Funchal, Madeira, from the Curral. 4. Jamestown, St. Helena. 5. Valley of the Tomb near Longwood. 6. Longwood from the gate, St. Helena. 7. Cape Town and Table Mountain. 8. Mauritius from the "Pouce". 9. Hindoo Costumes, Mauritius. 10. Light House, Point de Galle, Ceylon. 11. Buddhist Temple, Ceylon. 12. Rajah of Jahore (Singapore.) 13. River Jurono, Singapore. 14. View of Hong Kong from East Point. 15. Chinese Temple, Hong Kong. 16. Whampoa Pagoda & Anchorage. 17. Fish Market, Canton. 18. Chinese Temple, Macao. 19. Chief Magistrate of Napha. Lew Chew. 20. Street in Napha, Lew Chew. 21. Napha from Bamboo Village. 22. Ancient Castle of Na-Ga-Gus-Ko, Lew Chew. 23. Village near Napha, Lew Chew. 24. Ancient Castle of Na-Ga-Gus-Ko, Lew Chew. 25. Encampment of the exploring party in Lew Chew. 26. Tshan-Di-Coo-Sah, Lew Chew. 27. Bridge & Causeway at Ma-Chi-Na-Too, Lew Chew. 28. Commodore Perry's visit to Shui, Lew Chew. 29. Reception at the Castle of Shui. 30. Dinner at the Regents, Lew Chew. 31. Court Interpreter Shin. Lew Chew. 32. Temple at Tumai,Lew Chew. 33. Kanaka Village, Bonin Islands. 34. Regent of Lew Chew. 35. Afternoon Gossip. Lew Chew. 36. Lew Chew Costumes, Middle Class. 37. View of Uraga, Yedo Bay. 38. Delivery of the President's Letter. 39. To-Ri-Ga-Sa-Ki, Yedo Bay. 40. First Landing at Gorahama. 41. Lew Chew. 42. China Girl. Sycee head Dress. 43. Macao from Penha Hill. 44. Jesuit Convent, Macao. 45. Napha from the sea. 46. Market Place at Napha. 47. Bay of Wodowara. 48. Commodore Perry meeting the Imperial Commissioners at Yokuhama. 49. Chief Interpreter Moryamo Yenoski and Tako - Juro Interpreter. 50. View from Webster Island. 51. Temple at Yokuhama. 52. Delivering of the American Presents At Yokuhama. 53. Japanese Soldiers at Yokuhama. 54. Wrestlers at Yokuhama. 55. Dinner given to the Japanese Commissioners on board U.S.S. Frigate Powhatan. 56. Simoda from Vandalia Bluff. 57. Bridge of Cut Stone & entrance to a Temple, Simoda. 58. Japanese Woman from Simoda. 59. Mother & Child (Simoda.) 60. Temple of Hat-Chi-Man-Ya Chu-Ro Simoda. 61. Devotions in the Great Temple, Simoda. 62. Public bath at Simoda. 63. Priest in full dress. Simoda. 64. Budhist Priest at Simoda. 65. Bell House at Simoda. 66. Mariners Temple at Simoda. 67. Japanese Rice Mill at Simoda. 68. Kura-Kawa-Kahai. Prefect of Simoda. 69. Japanese Women, Simoda. 70. Simoda from the American Grave Yard. 71. Japanese Funeral at Simoda. 72. View of Hakodadi from Snow Peak. 73. Bungo of Prefect, Hahodadi. 74. Chief Temple, Hakodadi. 75. Streeet in Hakodadi. 76. Entrance to a Temple at Hakodadi. 77. Hakodadi from Telegraph Hill. 78. Japanese Junk (1). 79. As above (2). 80. Japanese Boat. 81. Japanese Junk (3). 82. Fire Companys House & Engine. Yokuhama. 83. Fac-simile of a Japanese Drawing (folding plate). 84. Crossing the Oho-E-Ga-Wa [Province Suraga] (folding fac-simile plate). 85. Deputy of the Prince of Matsmay. 86. Conference Room, Hakodadi. 87. Prince of Idzu. 88. Tatsnoski, Second Interpreter. 89. Commodore Perry paying his farewell visit to the Imperial Commissioners at Simoda. 90. From an original Japanese Drawing, obtained in Simoda [fac-simile].