SPL Hand Coloured Rare Book Collection Featuring Norman R Bobins

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Messe de mariage.

N.p.n.d. [around 1880].
N.p.n.d. [around 1880].

A magnificent wedding book on vellum, entirely hand-painted and illuminated. MANUSCRIPT BOOK OF HOURS. Small 4to [187 x 142 mm] of (3) bl.ll., 42 pp., (9) bl.ll. Manuscript on vellum beautifully handwritten in red and black ink, signed, adorned with 39 original gouaches over gilt background. Red morocco with gilt arms stamped in the center of the upper cover and gilt crowned initials “B.M.” stamped in the center of the lower cover, spine ribbed with the gilt title, dark blue watered doublures and end-leaves, large gilt inner dentelle, gilt edges. Thierry et Petit. THE 39 PAGES THAT COMPOSE THIS MANUSCRIPT ARE DECORATED WITH A SUPERB FRAME PAINTED BY HAND AND ILLUMINATED AT THE TIME, WITH A GILT BACKGROUND. Each of the 39 frames is different and presents a very finely executed decor. The large borders, with a combination of birds, insects, flowers and coat of arms somewhat compose an ornithology collection: the artist painted the birds of the park of his castle: sparrows, robins, goldfinches, crested tits, black-capped or blue-capped, greenfinches, linnets, warblers … mixed with an herbarium: roses, mallows, snowdrops, pansies, cornflowers and poppies, geranium, daisies, carnations, thistle gentians, nasturtium, gillyflowers, dahlias, pine cones branches, lilacs, holly, among which sometimes butterflies, bees, bumblebees … gather nectar and pollen. ESTABLISHED AS A BOOK OF HOURS, THIS MANUSCRIPT WAS ENTIRELY PAINTED BY THE ARTIST: in addition to the leaf opening the book, which constitutes a family armorial where the blazons are precisely presented in circles, THE ILLUSTRATIONS COMPRISES 2 FULL-PAGE PLATES, the first one presenting the Virgin’s wedding and the second one a composition for the calendar representing a blue tit on the branch of a blooming fruit tree. The text was entirely beautifully handwritten in red and black ink. PRECIOUS “WEDDING BOOK”, PRODUCED BY THIS POLISH PAINTER, SCULPTOR AND GOLDSMITH, born in Warsaw in 1834 and died in 1900. A SUPERB EXAMPLE OF A UNIQUE WEDDING BOOK ON VELLUM, ENTIRELY ILLUMINATED AND ENHANCED WITH GOLD, EXECUTED FOR THE WEDDING OF A COUPLE IN THE 19TH CENTURY, PRESERVED IN ITS CONTEMPORARY BINDING WITH THE ARMS OF THE ARTIST’S FAMILY. Coloured plates in order: 1. A family armorial, with a pair of blank shields within an ornate oval frame, within a coloured border and frame with heraldic shields at each corner, with a monkey reading from a religious text. 2. Frontispiece. The Virgin’s wedding. Title page. Messe de Mariage. 3-26. Large gilt borders, with a highly decorative combination of birds, insects, flowers and coat of arms to each page. Each page also has pictorial initial letters and words and letters highlighted in red. 27. A blue tit on the branch of a blooming fruit tree, with the word 'Calendrier'. 28. Janvier. (each month has flora appropriate to that month) 29. Fevrier. 30. Mars. 31. Avril. 32. Mai. 33. Juin. 34. Juillet. 35. Aout. 36. Septembre. 37. Octobre. 38. Novembre. 39. Decembre.