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Loyal Volunteers of London & Environs, Infantery & Cavalry, in their respective Uniforms...

London: R. Ackermann, [1798-99]
Tooley 416 (Sometimes the plates are heightened with silver and gold); Hardie, English Coloured Books, pp. 165-66; Abbey, Life, 379; Bobins II 385.
London: R. Ackermann, [1798-99]

Large 4to. Early 20th-century red morocco, spine with 5 raised bands in blind, gilt lettered title, all edges gilt, board edges tooled in gold with double fillet, richly gilt inner dentelle, marbled paste-downs and facing endpapers, all edges gilt, bound by ZAENSDORF, LONDON. Bookplate of "C. Robert Bignold" affixed to front pastedown. Possibly one of the most original and even romantic sets of English military plates. 89 plates including the engraved title. Coloured plates in order: Infantry. 1. Engraved title. 2. St .James's Volunteer. Stand at Ease. 3. Westminster Volunteer. Attention. 4. Broad Street Ward Volunteer. Fix Bayonets, 1st Motion. 5. St. Mary Islington Volunteer. Fix Bayonets, 2nd Motion. 6. St. Mary Le Strand & Somerset House Volunteer. Fix bayonets, 3rd Motion. 7. London & Westminster Dismounted Light Horse Volunteer. Shoulder Arms, 1st Motion. 8. St. Clement Danes Volunteer. Shoulder Arms, 2nd Motion. 9. Bloomsbury & Inn's of Court Volunteer. Recover Arms. 10. St. Georges Hanover Square, Light Infantry. Shoulder Arms from Recovery, 1st Motion. 11. St. Martin's in the Fields Volunteer. Charge Bayonet, 1st Motion. 12. St. Georges Hanover Square Volunteer. Charge Bayonet, 2nd Motion. 13. Temple Bar & St. Paul's Volunteer. Present Arms, 1st Motion. 14. Cornhill Volunteer. Present Arms, 2nd Motion. 15. Temple Association, Present Arms, 3rd Motion. 16. Bethnal Green Volunteer, Light Infantry. Support Arms, 1st Motion. 17. Bethnal Green Battalion Volunteer, Support Arms, 2nd Motion. 18. Hans Town Association. Stand at Ease, Supporting Arms. 19. Deptford Volunteers. Slope Arms. 20. Westminster Light Infantry. Order arms, 1st Motion. 21. Artillery Company. Order Arms, 2nd Motion. 22. Pimlico Volunteer. Unfix Bayonet, 1st Motion. 23. Richmond Volunteer. Unfix Bayonet, 2nd Motion. 24. Covent Garden Volunteer. Unfix Bayonet, 3rd Motion. 25. East India Company Volunteer. An Officer, Saluting. 26. Bishopsgate Volunteer. handle Arms. 27. Brentford Association. Ground Arms, 1st Motion. 28. Fulham Volunteer. Ground Arms, 2nd Motion. 29. St. Andrew Holborn & St. George the Martyr Association. Ground Arms, 3rd Motion. 30. Castle Baynard Volunteer. Secure Arms, 1st Motion. 31. Finsbury Volunteer. Secure Arms 2nd motion. 32. Newington, Surry Volunteer. Secure Arms, 3rd Motion. 33. Knight Marshal Volunteer. Prime & Load, 1st priming motion. 34. Guildhall Light Infantry Volunteer. Prime & Load, 2nd priming motion. 35. Cheap Ward Volunteer. Prime & Load, 3rd priming motion. 36. Chelsea Volunteer. Prime & Load, 4th priming motion. 37. Mary Le Bone Volunteer. Prime & Load, 5th priming motion. 38. Coleman Street Ward. Prime & Load, 6th priming motion. 39. St. Pancras Volunteer. Prime & Load, 7th priming motion. 40. Cordwainer's Ward Volunteer. Prime & Load, 1st loading motion. 41. St. Margaret & St. John Westminster Volunteer. prime & Load, 2nd loading motion. 42. Lambeth Volunteer. prime & Load, 3rd loading motion. 43. St George's Southwark Volunteer. Prime & Load, 4th loading motion. 44. St. Saviour's Southwark Volunteer. Prime & Load, 5th loading motion. 45. St. Olave's Southwark Volunteer. Prime & Load, 6th loading motion. 46. Polar & Blackwall Volunteer. Prime & Load, (last motion). 47. Sadler's Sharp Shooters. 48. Ratcliff Volunteer. Make Ready (Front rank.) 49. Union Wapping Volunteer. Present (Front Rank.) 50. Hackney Volunteer. Fire (Front rank.) 51. Bermondsey Volunteer. Front rank Kneeling, Make Ready. 52. St. John, Southwark Volunteer. Present (as Front Rank kneeling.) 53. Langbourn Ward Volunteer. Prime & Load (as a Centre Rank.) 54. St. George's, Hanover Square Association. make Ready (as a Centre Rank.) 55. St. Sepulcre, Middlesex, Volunteer. Present (as a Centre Rank.) 56. Farrington Ward within, Volunteer. Prime & Load (as a Centre Rank.) 57. Aldgate Ward Association. Make Ready (as a Rear Rank.) 58. Walbrook Ward Volunteer. Present (as a Rear Rank.) 59. Clerkenwell Association. Advance Arms. 60. Westminster Grenadier. Advance Arms (4th Motion.) 61. Bread Street ward Volunteer. Shoulder arms (from advance 1st Motion.) 62. Vintry Ward Volunteer. Club Arms (1st Motion.) 63. Portsoken Ward Volunteer. Club Arms (2nd Motion.) 64. St. Catherine's Association. Club Arms (3rd Motion.) 65. Farrington Ward without Volunteer. Club Arms (4th Motion.) 66. Bridge Ward Volunteer. Mourn Arms (1st Motion.) 67. Tower Ward Association. Mourn Arms (2nd Motion.) 68. Christ Church, Surry, Association. Mourn Arms (3rd Motion.) 69. Loyal Bermondsey Volunteer. present Arms, 1st Motion from Mourn Arms. 70. Billingsgate Association. Present Arms (from Mourn Arms 2nd motion.) 71. An Officer of the Highland Association. 72. Whitechapel Association. Present Arms (2nd Flugel Motion.) 73. Bank of England Light Infantry. Order Arms (2nd Flugel Motion.) 74. Candlewick Ward Association. Support Arms (1st Flugel Motion.) 75. Queenshithe Ward Association. A Sergeant with Arms Advanced. 76. Cripplegate Ward without Volunteer. Order Arms (from advance Arms, 1st motion.) 77. Dowgate Ward Volunteer. Order Arms (from Advance, 2nd Motion.) 78-80. Mile End Volunteer / Shoreditch Volunteer / Trinity Minories Volunteer. Pile Arms. Cavalry. 81. London & Westminster Light Horse Volunteer. 82. Surry Yeomanry. 83. Deptford Cavalry. 84. Westminster Cavalry. 85. Middlesex Cavalry. 86. Southwark Cavalry. 87. Clerkenwell Cavalry. 88. Lambeth cavalry. 89. Loyal Islington Volunteer Cavalry.