SPL Hand Coloured Rare Book Collection Featuring Norman R Bobins

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Paris-Toilette & Mode Artistique.

Paris: 1886.
Paris: 1886.

Quarto. (14" x 11") A total of 84 hand coloured fashion plates - 69 from 'Paris-Toilette' some with decorative cartouches, and most of the costumes showing ladies with large bustles- with particularly bright hand colouring and 16 plates from 'La Mode Artistique' by Gustave Janet. All with accompanying text. Two plates a bit soiled otherwise clean. Bound in recent quarter leather over marbled boards, raised gilt bands and title in gilt to spine. Coloured plates in order: 1. Three ladies, two shown only from the waist up, the other displays the complete dress. 2. An elegant lady in a faun coloured dress holding a fan. 3. A lady displayed in a floral patterned dress with trim in purple. 4. Lady seen in a brown dress and gloves. 5. Lady in an olive coloured dress. 6. Three ladies shown, two from the waist up only, the other displays the complete dress. 7. Lady in a brown dress with a check and floral pattern. 8. Lady in an attractive day dress with scarlet bows. 9. Lady in a light brown dress with matching hat and gloves. 10. An attractive dress of maroon and cream with a pretty floral pattern. 11. Lady in a maroon dress. 12. Lady in a dress, holding a genteel parasol. 13. Lady in an elegant blue/grey dress. 14. Lady in a light blue and brown dress holding a fan. 15. An attractive lady in a green and brown dress. 16. A lady in a beautiful dress of light brown and pink. 17. Lady in a dark brown dress with a burgundy trim. 18. An elegant lady attired in an attractive dress of cream and brown with dark red velvet bows. 19. Lady in a fashionable dress of brown velvet and green. 20. Lady in a vivid and striking dress of white with a floral design and stunning red velvet. 21. A formal evening gown of green velvet and cream. 22. Five vignette figures of women wearing the latest fashions of both day and evening wear. 23. Elegant lady wearing a dress of various shades of brown with a pair of mustard coloured gloves and a hat with a red bow in it. 24. A pretty dress of burgundy with a contrasting pattern of many colours. 25. An elegant dress of mauve and grey. 26. Lady in a dress with fetching horizontal stripes and a hat with silk flowers. 27. Lady in an elegant turquoise dress. 28. Lady in a faun and dark brown dress, with matching gloves and holding a fan. 29. A pretty dress of a pale yellow, pink and dark blue. 30. Lady in a formal evening dress of a pale pink with a train of cream with a floral design in it. 31. A striking dress of a light brown and a vivid red. 32. Lady in a dress partially consisting of green, pink and brown vertical stripes. 33. An elegant dress consisting of soft pink, brown and light green. 34. Vignettes of five attractive ladies highlighting the latest fashionable day wear. 35. Three elegantly clad ladies in formal day dresses. 36. Lady in a dress with a pleasant brown and pink cross check pattern. 37. Lady in a dress of dark blue and grey with a marron trim. 38. Lady in a dress of light brown with red flecks. 39. An attractive pair of ladies in the latest fashions. 40. A select group of older and younger ladies in the latest fashions (sepia coloured print). 41. A pretty 'duck egg' blue dress with brown buttons running its length. 42. A pretty green dress (rear) with a red and pink pattern on a light brown background (front). 43. A lady in a dress of varying shades of brown with attractive pattern work. 44. A selection of five ladies, two in vignette, three in full dress displaying the latest fashions. 45. A dress of various shades of brown with red spotting throughout. 46. A lovely dress of torquoise with a pretty pattern of red/orange diagonal stripes. 47. A pale yellow dress with black trim. 48. A lady in a dress of white with a small floral pattern finished off with red sashes and bows to good effect. 49. Four lovely ladies in dresses of great elegance and taste. 50. Lady in a brown dress with a fur muff. 51. Lady in a light brown dress holding a parasol. 52. A pair of charming ladies, one in a lovely day dress, the other in elegant evening attire. 53. Three ladies, two shown only from the waist upwards, highlighting the latest fashion trends. 54. A lovely evening dress of pale yellow and a dark brown. 55. A simple but attractive dress of olive and check. 56. A pair of ladies displaying the latest dresses in fashion. 57. An attractive dress of browns and 'duck egg' blue. 58. Vignettes of five ladies displaying dresses in the latest styles. 59. Four ladies in delightful dresses of emerald green, browns and blues. 60. A lady in formal evening attire. 61. Lady in a dress of browns with a floral pattern and tassels. 62. A daring dark green check dress. 63. A pair of elegant ladies holding umbrellas seen in the latest fashionable dresses. 64. Three ladies, two shown from the waist upwards, in attractive day wear fashions. 65. Four ladies wearing attractive dresses ranging in colour from greens and browns to greys. 66. Lovely dress in red velvet and soft pink with a brocade pattern. 67. A simple but effective dress in olive and brown. 68. Lady in a sombre dress of dark blue velvet with a multi-coloured trim to perk it up. 69. A lady in a dress of various shades of green. 70. Four ladies beautifully dressed, one in a bridal gown. La Mode Artistique. 71. Lady in a lovely dress seen reading a book on a table edge. 72. Lady in a dress of blue with a deep red velvet trim. 73. Lady in a formal evening gown with turquoise bows and train. 74. Lady seen ascending some stone steps in a dress of plain faille and velvet-spotted faille in a beautiful shade heliotrope. 75. Lady in a dress of a beautiful shade of green with yellow, green and orange silk patterning underneath. She is seen reading a letter. 76. Lady in a pretty promenade dress of black lace, velvet, embroidery and pekin, beige and current-colour. Velvet collar and fringe of sequins, confined at the waist by a band of red velvet. She is seen whilst under a parasol. 77. Lady in a lovely dress of pale grey and cherry red under her parasol. 78. Lady in a striking dress of soft pale rose coloured faille and embroidered cream-coloured net. Lower part of the bodice resembles a double-breasted waistcoat. She is seem standing alongside a pair of chairs. 79. Lady in a dress of very pale yellow with vivid red trim, including bows and a feather fan etc. 80. An attractive dress of terra-cotta with a multi-coloured trim. 81. A lady seen in a seaside dress of blue cheviot and a soft woollen fabric striped with red and blue and trimmed horizontally with red silk. Matching hat and parasol. 82. Dress of Heliotrope silk and white woollen, adorned with gold-colour Venetian beads. 83. Delightful bridal dress with pearl embroidery, silvery gauze and orange blossoms. 84. A pretty promenade dress in beige. 85. Lady in a striking dress of deep red with a grey silk trim, a red bow at her throat, suede gloves and a fan. 86. Lady in a grey and dark green velvet dress, adorned with self-coloured silk embroidery, lightly sprinkled with beads.