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SAINT-GERVAIS, Antoine de.
L'Album des Peuples ou Collection de Tableaux representant les Ceremonies les plus Remarquables de diverses Nations du Monde.

Paris: J. Langlume et Peltier, 1835.
Not in Hocken, New Zealand National Bibliography, O'Reilly Reitman.
Paris: J. Langlume et Peltier, 1835.

8vo. Original patterned beige paper boards. Title to spine, joints worn. With 26 hand coloured plates (including frontispiece). A charming French account of the peoples of the world written for younger readers and featuring twenty vibrant hand-coloured plates including a Tahitian scene and a depiction of a war canoe from New Zealand. The chapter on Polynesia comprises a rather good description of the manners and customs of Tahiti. The brightly coloured plate, titled 'Repas d'un chef d'Otaiti', depicts a chief draped in scarlet cloth with three attendants serving and preparing his meal. Some elements of the scene, such as the cocoanut palm and native dwelling at the rear, are reminiscent of the Pacific although the draped apparel of the figures is of oriental influence. The plate depicting the war canoe of New Zealand is based on a study by Sydney Parkinson, and although the cloaks and garments of the figures are fancifully coloured the engraving does reproduce much of the intricate ornamental detail of the carved prow of the vessel. Additional plates of interest include a native family of Tierra de Fuego inside their rough dwelling, Eskimo's making a fire and a depiction of a slave in the Congo in shackles being led to market. With the bookplate of Paul Gavault, seemingly the French writer and director. Good copy.- a little foxing of the text, boards a little rubbed. Coloured plates in order: Europe. 1. Frontispiece. Interieur d'une habitation Russe. 2. Supplice de Knout en Russe. 3. Lapon dans son traineau. 4. Lapon prosterne devant une de ses divinities. 5. Repas Turc. 6. Danse religieuse des Derwiches Mewlewis a Constantinople. 7. Turc de Constantinople faisant son ablution. 8. Danseuses turques. 9. Cimetiere Grec. Asie. 10. Maniere de prendre les elephans dans le Royaume d'Ava. 11. Paysane chinoise tirant la charrue. 12. Chinois consacrant un serment par le sacrifice d'un coq. 13. Mandarin faisant infliger la bastonnade a un Chinois. 14. Paysan Chinois conduisant une brouette a voile. Afrique. 15. Culte rendu au Serpent dans le pays de Juida. 16. Fete de Coutumes annuelles dans le pays de Dahome (guinee). 17. Princesse du Congo repudiant son mari. 18. Marchand d'esclaves du Congo. Amerique. 19. Cargueros du Mexique. 20. Pont et costumes de Mexique. 21. Esquimaux. Amerique Meridionale. 22. Fuite du Medecin chez les indienens du Perou. 23. Guerrier Indien du Perou. 24. Interieur d'une habitation de la Terre de feu. Polynesie. 25. Repas d'un chef d'Otaiti. Nouvelle Zelande. 26. Pirogue de guerre de la Nouvelle Zelande.