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FRANCE, Anatole.
La Rotisserie de la Reine Pedauque.

La Rôtisserie de la Reine Pédauque is a historical novel by Anatole France, published in 1893. The novel is a story that describes the tribulations of the young Jacques Ménétier at the beginning of the 18th century. The work written and completed in 1892 was published the following year by Calmann Lévy.

Paris: Rene Kieffer, 18 rue Seguier, 1923.
Paris: Rene Kieffer, 18 rue Seguier, 1923.

Lovely edition, illustrated by Joseph Hemard, with 34 coloured pochoirs. One of 50 copies (this is number 37) on Cuve vellum, with a suite of black and white illustrations and an original signed watercolour. One of Hemard's most luminous illustrations. In original paper wrappers, with a coloured illustration on the front cover, uncut. A historical novel, first published in 1893. The main characters are 1. Ange, a drunken capuchin; 2. A Chambermaid; 3. M. d'Astarac, a Gascon gentleman; 4. Abbe Jerome Coignard, a Doctor of Philosophy. 5. The Jew - Mosaide. The novel is a narrative that describes the tribulations of the young Jacques Menetrier at the beginning of the 18th century. The title refers to the eponymous rotisserie where the narrator was born and grew up. *The Rotisserie de la Reine Pedauque was a long-time famous restaurant in Paris, not far from the Saint. Lazare train station*. Anatole France (1844-1924) was a French poet, novelist, and journalist. Coloured plates in order: 1. Small coloured illustration of a couple. 2. Illustration to title page. 3. Cook reading a book while turning a roasting spit in a kitchen. 4. A drunken monk (Ange) attacking another fellow. 5. An advance by a gentleman to a lady in a library. 6. A romantic embrace on a bench at night. 7. A woman appears semi-naked before two bearded sailors. 8. A lively discussion between two gentlemen. 9. Two gentlemen looking out of a window. 10. A brilliant shining sun, spawning naked maidens. 11. Various miniaturised people, in stoppered jars, on a bench, in a garden. 12. M. d'Astarac and friend, visit Abbe Jerome Coignard. 13. The Jew, Mosaide, reading ledgers or scrolled parchments. 14. A lady and a gentleman meet inside a horse-drawn carriage. 15. A group of naked nymphs with fiery hair descend on a gentleman on his knees in a prayer-like position. 16. A late-night assignation? 17-18. M. d'Astarac and the Chambermaid. 19. A lady throws a jug of water out of an upstairs window. 20. Startled men seated around a table, accompanied by a semi-naked lady. 21. A liveried servant is knocked down at night in the street and hits his head. 22. Three gentlemen in a garden at night, one reads to the other two from a book. 23. Someone shrieks at M. d'Astarac from their front door, in their nightclothes. 24. A couple tussle with each other in their bedroom. 25. The Chambermaid and a gentleman become intimate on a chair. 26. Low-born women seen in the back of a wagon, looked on by a servant. 27. Horse and carriage are seen in a windswept, rainy urban scene. 28. A terrified woman is sexually assaulted by a man in a house while another man eats, and a cook/wife looks on. 29. A young couple makes love in a hayloft at night. 30. Two gentlemen meet after dark. 31. Jehel sits by the bedside of Abbe Jerome Coignard. 32. A strange dream. 33. A meeting in a graveyard after dark between Jehel and a gentleman. 34. A street view of the house that belongs to the title of this work.