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NOBUMITSO, Kurihara.
Kokon Meiba Zu I [Guide Book to Famous Horses, Ancient and Modern] 3 volumes

Tokyo: Kinkado Nakamura Sasuke. Book. No date. Meiji period (early Meiji probably)
Tokyo: Kinkado Nakamura Sasuke. Book. No date. Meiji period (early Meiji probably)

3 slim volumes, Containing 27 double-page colour woodblock prints and one single page print, with each page 9" x 6". Original yellow paper wrappers, stitched. A rare look at the equine as a part of the high culture of Japan. Illustrations depict horses being used in scenes of hunting, battle, travel, falconry, etc. WorldCat locates only a single copy in the United States at the Smithsonian Institution. Colours truly jump off the page, movement is captured so convincingly. Some wear and soiling to wrappers; very good overall. SCARCE. Coloured plates in order: Volume A. 1. Men leading a horse over a blue tiled floor. 2. Man riding a horse towards a mountain. 3. Four men leading a pair of horses. 4. Man leading a black stallion. 5. A pair of men hunting with bow and arrow on horseback. 6. Four men saddle a horse. 7. Two men charging on their horses, one falls off his mount! 8. Three horses in a field. 9. Men try to control a frisky horse, who is dangerously up rearing on hind legs. Volume B. 10. Samurai warrior on horseback defeating an opponent. 11. Man of wealth on horseback with his retainers following on foot behind. 12. As above, except through the snow. 13. Man putting a horse 'through its paces' whilst watched by a man of wealth and rank. 14. Horse led before a man for inspection. 15. Man on horseback leads a small hunting party? 16. Man on horseback, perhaps riding into battle is seen receiving his helmet from a running running behind on foot. 17. A pair of horses 'prance' while a man keeps an eye on them from behind. 18. Ladies looking out onto a stable box with a horse tethered inside. Volume C. 19. Man about to mount his horse. 20. Horse gallops beside a river with rider. 21. Two men in conversation beside their pawing mount. 22. The same men as above, except one man is now holding the horse by its bridle. 23. One man about to mount his horse. 24. A man and his horse gallops up a hillside. 25. A pair of saddled horses with a hunting dog and falcon. 26. Horses being feed and watered in a stable. 27. Horses drinking from a water trough, another being led toward the trough.