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Muhammad ibn Haider Samarqandi.

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Central Asia, 1570
Central Asia, 1570

A single volume 290 x 200 mm, decorated Persian manuscript on paper, 292 leaves plus 16 free endpapers with later annotations (from a mixed paper stock, some of these blank). Single column, 31 lines black nasta'liq with headings and Arabic quotes from the Qur'an in red, margins and outer edges water-stained, some with worm-holes, outer edges chipped and worn. Housed in 18th century full leather over paste boards that are rubbed and worn, and re-backed. A Qur'anic commentary from the Zahidi, or Zahidiyya school of Shi'a Islam, copied in rural Central Asia, probably from the regions of Samarakand or Bukhara during the 16th century. The Colophon is signed 'dar haqq', literally translating to 'by right of' , suggesting that this volume was probably both copied and commissioned by the named scribe Muhammad ibn Haider Samarqandi for personal use.

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