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MASON, Finch.
Humours of the Hunting Field.

London: By Mess Forres, Piccadilly, 1886.
London: By Mess Forres, Piccadilly, 1886.

Oblong folio (35 x 49 cm). Uncoloured title +16 plates. Original half maroon cloth backed pictorial printed boards. Upper board with hand coloured title. 16 full page, hand coloured plates. New red cloth spine inserted, recessed in new internal cloth hinges, fresh cloth covers to boards, title boards soiled, endpapers browned but contents generally very good. Fresh laid title to spine. *Rebinding and restoration work on this book was carried out by Ron Norman of Hartlepool. (Ronnorm@aol.com)* Coloured plates in order: 1. Our own Sporting Undergraduate. "That's the style old girl! We'll teach old Turniptops to lock his gates!" 2. A Case of Real distress. The Captain. "Good Gracious! What is the matter Miss Larkins? Can I be of any service?" 3. "Irish" quite "Irish" you know. Tim Maloney (an Irish whip) "Hould up, ye ould thief!" 4. Old Brown's Daughter. Brown pere. "Yes! in engaging herself to you my dear Bullion, it is pleasant to know that my darling daughter...." 5. A Cracker over the Grass. "That's the style Tom! Send old Rat Tail along! You're all behind hand." 6. Anything's better than nothing. Farmer Goodfellow. (one of the right sort) "Why dash mar boans and body Muster Charles! there be no hounds in front of ee"..... 7. "The Grey Mare &c." Mrs Tittums. "Come, come, Mr Tittums! is this the way you pilot your wife? Now Sir, over you go!" 8. Moses among the Bull-finches. Sir Frank Flyakite (a spendthrift Baronet) "Hi, look sharp Moss! here's your horse, and if you don't swear you'll renew that overdue Bill of mine, I'll let him go". 9. Floreat Etona! Nimrod Major. (in the distance) "Come along Minor! There's a Harrow Boy just behind you". 10. Always the way. Of course just as old Mr Foozle is about to enjoy his luncheon quietly.... 11. The Fence out of the Wood. "Gently does it Tomkins! There's a drop t'other side". 12. Une bonne histoire - Joe Wagley's last. 13. A Deam of the Past. Mr Bullpig - Ah! I remember the time when I used to ride just that young chaps weight. 14. Experientia Docet. Spriggins having read somewhere or other, that it is a good thing when jumping water... 15. "Oh Yes! I dare say". Miss Blanche. (who has carefully left the governor behind in Oakapple Wood) "Dear me how charming this is to be sure! I wonder where poor dear Papa can be!" 16. Ware Heels. Major Swellcove. "Haw I wouldn't if I were you Sir, come too near my mare's heels, she's apt to kick at times".