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LANDMANN, Lieut.-Colonel George Thomas.
Historical, Military and Picturesque Observations on Portugal...

London: printed for T. Cadell amd W. Davies, 1818.
Abbey Travel 140; Tooley 291; Martin Hardie p.142; Prideaux pp.223-342; Bobins 565.
London: printed for T. Cadell amd W. Davies, 1818.

2 vols, folio, 14 coloured plans, one double-page, 62 plates, all hand-coloured aquatints except nos. 5 & 6 [coloured line engraving only]. Contemporary binding of mottled calf with triple gilt fillet to boards, elaborate gilt decoration to spine, two leather labels to spine, marbled endpapers, and edges. An excellent copy of the work. Coloured plates in order: Volume 1. 1. First degree of Torture of the Inquisition. 2. Second degree of Torture of the Inquisition. 3. Third degree of Torture of the Inquisition. 4. Fourth degree of Torture of the Inquisition. 5-6. Spanish coins shewing their value as directed to pass current in Portugal by General Junot. 7. [Plan] Action of Rolica, Aug 17th, 1808. 8. [Plan] Sketch of the Action between the British and French Forces at Vimieiro, Portugal, Aug 21st, 1808. 9. Plan of the Action near Coruna, Jan 16th, 1809. 10. [Plan] Battle of Talavera, 28th & 29th July 1809. 11. Plan of the Battle of Busaco, Sept 27th, 1810. 12. Plan of Tarifa and Island in the Straits of Gibraltar. 13. [Plan] Sketch of the Action near the Hill of Barrosa on Mar 5th, 1811. 14. Plan of Badajoz. 15. [Plan] Battle of Albuera, May 16th, 1811. 16. [Plan] Sketch of the Disposition of the Allies under the Command of Lieut. Gen. Hill... 17. Plan of the Attack of Cuidad Rodrigo, Jan 19th, 1812. 18. Plan of the Battle of the Arapiles near Salamanca (double page). 19. [Plan] Attack of the Castle of Burgos, 1812. 20. Plan of the Fortress of St. Sebastian...(double page) Volume 2. 21. Torre Velha de Belem, from the West. Estramadura. 22. Palmella, from the road leading to Moita: Estramadura. 23. Town and Harbour of Setubal. 24. Alcacer Sal, anciently called Salacia; from the North. Estramadura. 25. Alcacer Sal, anciently called Salacia or Urbs Imperatoria; from the East, Estremadura (double page). 26. Scene on the River Oeiras, at Mertolla, anciently called Mirtiles Julia. 27. Mertola; from the North. 28. Faro, the Capital of the Algarve ( double page). 29. Aljustrel, from the East, Alemtejo. 30. Albofeira, from the road leading to Faro: Algarve. 31. Albofeira and Sea Coast, from the East. Algrave. 32. Villa Nova de Portimao. Algarve. 33. Silves, the ancient Capital of Algarve. 34. Silves, the ancient Capital of Algarve, from the East. 35. Hot Baths, in the Mountains of Monchique, Algarve. 36. Monchique near Cape San Vicente. Algarve. 37. Opomar Velho, in the mountain of Monchique, Algarve. 38. Sea-Coast near Lagos, and the Battery called O Pinhao. Algarve. 39. Bay and Harbour of Lagos, from O Pinhao. Algarve. 40. Lagos Bridge, Algarve. 41. Aljezur from the South. Algarve. 42. Villa-Nova de Mil Fontes, Alemtejo. 43. Arroyoles; Anciently called Calentica. Alentejo. 44. Estremoz, from the Road leading to Elvas, Alemtejo. 45. Cintra from the Liboa-road. Estramadura (double page). 46. Convent near Cintra on the Highest pinnacle of the Rock of Lisboa. Estramadura. 47. Convent on the highest part of the Rock of Lisboa. Estramadura. 48. Cintra, from the Road leading to Mafra; Estramadura (double page). 49. Royal Palace of Mafra, Estramadura. 50. Punhete, at the junction of the River Zerere with the Tejo: Estramadura. 51. From the Castle at Abrantes, anciently called Tubuci: Estremadura. 52. Bridge & Ford on the River Niza, on the road from Vila Velha to Niza. Alentejo. 53. Flying Bridge on the Tejo, at Villa-Velha. 54. Ford on the River Sever, between Montalvo in Portugal and Herrera in Spain: Alentejo. 55. Pass in the mountains near Ladeira: Beira. 56. View up the Tejo (double page). 57. Lisboa or Lisbon, the Capital of Portugal (double page). 58. Mouth of the Tejo ( double page). 59. Torres-Vedras from the North: Estremadura. 60. Sir Arthur Wellesley's Quarters, Vimieiro, 21st & 22nd Aug 1808. Estremadura. 61. Vimieiro from near the road leading to Lorinha. Estramadura. 62. Leiria, anciently called Collipo: Estremadura. 63. Pombal and Bridge, from the South-west. Estremadura. 64. City of Coimbra, anciently called Conimbra, from near the Bridge. Beira. 65. City of Coimbra, anciently called Conimbra, from the South: Beira (double page). 66. Bridge of Boats at Porto, on the River Douro. 67. Penafiel de Lousa from the East Entre Douro e Minho (double page). 68. Amarante on the RiverTamega: Entre Douro-e-Minho. 69. Amarante and Bridge, from the Convent of San Domingo: Entre Douro-e-Minho. 70. Ponte de Lima, anciently called Forum Limicorum. Entre Douro-e-Minho (double page). 71. Fountain opposite the Inn at Ponte de Lima, Entre Douro-e-Minho. 72. Valenca do Minho: Entre Douro-e-Minho (double page). 73. City of Tuy on the Mino; Galicia. 74. Head of the Bay of Vigo between Puente San Payo and Ponte Vedra, Galicia. 75. Near San Payo, on the Road to Redondela, looking towards Vigo.