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ISE, Sadatake.

Unknown: [Japan, ca. 1761]
Unknown: [Japan, ca. 1761]

A work consisting of seven 4to volumes, each with stitching and striped paper covers. Written in several columns with red annotations and official looking red stamps throughout. First volume with a loose slip on identification paper to front cover. In good condition, but some worming has occurred. This is a book on the customs and manners of the Samurai, or warrior, written by Sadatake Ise during the latter half of the eighteenth century. The Ise family handed down the ancient customs and ways of the Samurai from the generation dating back to the warring period of the 14th century. At the time of Sadatake Ise, during the Edo period, it was peaceful, without civil war, however, this book was useful as the Samurai still needed to know their ways and manners etc. This is one of the indispensable books for scholars of Japanese Medieval history, or samurai history. Volume 1 is about costume, Volumes 2-4 are about military arms, swords etc, Volumes 5-6 are about items in the field, like banners and fans etc, Volume 7 is all about how to identify a deceased VIP, a most important task of a Samurasi during the warring periods. As there are just too many illustrations to list, and many are uncoloured, I will only list a select few illustrations from each volume. Coloured plates in order: Volume I. 1. Costume plate. 2-3. Ribboned headware. 4-5. Headware. Volume II. 1. Protective headware. 2. Protective collar. 3-4. Protective body armour. 5. Protective armour. 6-7. (As above). Volume III. 1. Coloured emblem. 2-6. Assorted body armour. Volume IV. 1. Samurai sword. 2. Samurai accessories. 3. Samurai archery bows. 4. Items of furniture. Volume V. 1. Fan with emblem that we now associate as a Nazi swasticker. 2. Mat or rug? 3. Decorative head-dress? 4. Samurai horseman in warrior regalia. 5. Field equipment? Volume VI. 1. Stick. 2. Field equipment (pole). Volume VII. 1. Three depictions of a dead person's decapitated head. 2-3. Ceremonial table lay outs?