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Recollections of the Great Exhibition, 1851.

[London: Lloyd Brothers and Simpkin Marshall], [1851]
Abbey Scenery 246; not in Tooley, nor Rydell or King; Bobins II 676.
[London: Lloyd Brothers and Simpkin Marshall], [1851]

Folio. 24 loose hand-coloured lithographs, mounted on card in a red cloth portfolio. Lacking coloured title page (The Coalbrookdale Dome). A rare work of these marvellous views of interior and exterior scenes by some of the prominent artists of the day; including John Absolon, Walter Goodall, Henry Clark Pidgeon, Thomas Harrington Wilson, William Telbin & Edwin Thomas Dolby. Proof copy before letters. Each mounted card has an ink stamp 'Kingston Upon Hull City Libraries' front and verso. Coloured plates in order: 1. The Nave and Transept. 2. The Indian Tent. 3. The Indian Court (No.2). 4. In the Fine Arts Court. 5. In the West Nave. 6. Part of the Furniture Court, from the West Nave. 7. Part of the Stationery Court, from the West Nave. 8. Church Furniture. 9. Bradford Court. 10. The Furniture Court (No.2). 11. Birmingham. 12. The Indian Court (No.1). 13. The Transept from the South Gallery. 14.The China Court. 15. The Amazon (East Nave). 16. Godfrey of Bouillon, (East Nave). 17. America. 18. Russia. 19. The Turkish Court. 20. In The North Transept. 21. Her Majesty's Retiring Room. 22. France. 23. France, (Sevres Court). 24. In the Agricultural Court.