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Forget me not Album, E.S. 1933.

[London] c 1833.
[London] c 1833.

English Scrap-Book, with calligraphic title page and 77 plates. Together 151 hand coloured figures, partly heightened with gold and 20 black and white figures in various printing techniques and original drawings. 4to. Contemporary dark red morocco, rich in gilt design to boards; spine lavishly decorated in gilt compartments; joints and extremities somewhat rubbed and worn, gilt filet inner dentelles; gilt edges, all edges gilt. Coloured plates in order: 1. Title page. 2. Four coloured French initial letters, surrounded by a very decorative border of a floral nature. 3. Peasant girl. 4. Six hilarious French scenes depicting the hazards of travelling by stage coach. 5. 'Environs of Naples'. Young girl standing at a fence. 6. A montage of scenes. Circular, central portrait of a woman with radiating vignettes of either children playing or feats of daring on horseback. 7. A montage of eleven assorted illustrations comprising: fantasy, ladies portraits, cherubs, and cooking. 8. Portrait of a Spanish lady. 9. A pair of scenes depicting magic tricks and a pair of performing dogs before a crowd of onlookers. 10. A series of 9 small vignettes depicting various degrees of horsemanship. 11. 'Vue de L'interieur Du Chocur de L-0'Eglise du Grand St. Bernard'. 12. Beautiful illustration of a vase full of flowers. 13. Montage of five religious importance: St. Theodore / Ste.Veronique / Vierge aux Anges / Ste. Victoire / Ste. Catherine de Sienne. 14-15. St. Giovanni di Paulo, Venice / Milan Cathedral. 16. Indian Tradesman. 17. Montage of several illustrations of various (random) subject matter. 18. Pretty illustration of a rose in a Chinese vase. 19. 'France, Pyrenees.' Young girl in local costume. 20. Chinese children playing on a see-saw. 21. Four scenes depicting Cavalrymen in uniform. 22. 'Jeune Grec.' 23. 'Cupboard Love. What shall I do to tell how much I love thee?.' 24. Four scenes of: A house on fire / An old man reading a story to two children / a couple in love / a man on his knees pleading for his life. 25. '15th Hussars.' 26. A pair of birds on a branch. 27-28. 'Touchstone & Audrey.' / 'Toka.' 29-30. Children buliding a snowman / 'Caen.' 31. Children stealing produce from an old woman, as she sleeps in a chair on her doorstep. 32. A couple make a secret assignation in a garden. 33. Indian Tradesman. 34. A pair of (almost) silhouette fantasy scenes. 35. 'Studying Tragedy.' 36. A selection of eight small scenes of horsemanship and showmanship. 37. Four scenes featuring a monkey, a couple with a baby, a man with gout eating by his fireside and a man knocking over a stool. 38. Six amusing scenes featuring monkeys; drinking, playing musical instruments, playing cards, grooming etc. 39. 'Servant of Argovie.' 40. Wealthy Chinese Noble. 41-42. Eaton Hall, Cheshire / Fonthill Abbey (Yorks). 43. The Connubial Compass by Lieut. Charles Turrell, R.N. 44-45. A pair of Swiis style Chalets. 46. A Cockrel and chicken. 47. A vase of pretty flowers. 48. Sea shells. 49. Insects. 50. 'Pincher.' (Terrier dog) 51. 'Whittington.' (Dick?) 52. A montage of nine assorted scenes of military men on horseback, tradesmen etc. 53. Four small illustrations of: a banquetting scene, man in hos workshop holding a carved figure, schoolmistress about to punish a pupil in class, horses and military men pulling a large, heavy cart during a thunder storm. 54-56. 'Pont Royal.' / 'Hotel des Gardes du Corp.' / 'Regents Park.' 57. Vase of flowers. 58. Single flower in profile. 59-60. 'Isola Bella.' / A group of people going for a ride in the country, one horse does NOT wish to go! 61. Four, attractive small random scenes; including a town square, hawking etc. 62. Water Spaniel Dog. 63. Bunch of flowers. 64. A pretty woman is seen 'peeping' from her upstairs bedroom window. 65. A stage coach in touble! 66. 'Turn him up and you'll see, Another Head of Ministry. 67. 'Clount Egmonts Jewels.' 68-70. View of Dordt / Mayence / Castle. 71-72. Ornamental Rocks / 'The Blossoms of Hope.' 73-74. The National Anthem of England - 5 verses.