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HOWITT, S. (Illus)
Atkinson, Clark, Manskirch &c.
Foreign Field Sports, Fisheries, Sporting Anecdotes, &c. &c.

London: H.R. Young, c.1819.
Tooley 225; Abbey Travel 3; Slater pg.49.
London: H.R. Young, c.1819.

2nd edition. Small Folio; decorative contemporary full burgundy morocco with embossed border design in gilt and in blind to boards; Spine with 6 filled gilt compartments; raised bands in gilt lettering in the second compartment; all edges gilt. Contains 110 hand coloured lithographed plates, including the frontispiece, from drawings by Howitt, Atkinson, Clark, Manskirch and others. This work illustrates tales of hunting and of other field sports. The last 10 plates are contained in the supplementary work on field sports of New South Wales. P. frontispiece, title printer's imprint 1-170 index (2). An excellent copy, the plates are clean and crisp and colours are fresh. In attractive period binding. Coloured plates in order: 1. Frontispiece. American Anecdote. Wolves & Boy. 2. American Anecdote. Shooting the Wolves. 3. E[ast] India Company's Stud at Chatterpore. 4. Lions waiting for their prey. 5. Caffres hunting a Lion. 6. Anecdote, Lion & Hottentot. 7. Arabs Hunting Osteriches. 8. Arabs Hawking Antelopes. 9. Russian Coursing. 10. Russian Winter Fishery. 11. Mamalukes exercising the Spear. 12. Mamalukes exercising the Sabre. 13. Hunting a Panther. 14. Hunting Antelopes with a Panther. 15. German Wolf Trap. 16. Wild Boar attacking the Hunters. 17. Wild Boar shooting, in Germany. 18. Wild Boar Wounded. 19. German Deer Shooting, Winter. 20. German Deer Shooting, Summer. 21. The Bear Trap. 22. German Fox Trap. 23. German Wild Boar Trap. 24. Shooting Wolves in Winter. 25. catching the Badger. 26. A Trap to shoot the Bear. 27. German Deer Shooting with Decoy. 28. German Manner of Netting Partridges. 29. Egyptians, Crocodile Catching. 30. Turtle Fishing in the water. 31. Turtle catching on Land. 32. Bird catching from Below. 33. Bird catching from Above. 34. Mexican Lizard Catcher. 35. Greenland Seal Catching. 36. A Ship's Boat attacking a Whale. 37. Boats approaching a Whale. 38. A Whale brought along-side a Ship. 39. Shooting the Harpoon at a Whale. 40. Finland Bear Hunting. 41. Kamtschatka Bear Hunting. 42. Laplanders Hunting. 43. Shooting Anecdote, India I. 44. Shooting Anecdote, India II. 45. A Tartar catching his horse. 46. Hog Hunters in India. Going Out, No.1 47. Hog Hunters in India, 2. 48. Hog Hunters in India, 3. 49. India Hog Hunting, 4. 50. Shooting Antelopes, India. 51. Hunting the Elk. 52. South American catching a Bull. 53. Pions in S. America catching Wild Horses. 54. Torchlight Fishing in N. America. 55. Hunting a Zebra. 56. Battle with the Great Boa & a Tiger. 57. Chamois Shooting in the Tyrol. 58. Chamois Shooters Retreat. 59. Chamois Shooters Ascending the rocks. 60. Taking Vipors. 61. The African Crocodile Hunters. 62. Shooting an African Buffalo. 63. The Eagle & Wolf disputing the Prize. 64. Seamen killing a Polar bear. 65. Anecdote Great Boa Serpent & a Bull. 66. Hunted Elephant. 67. The Elephant killed. 68. Hindoo Method of Taming Elephants. 69. Hindoo Elephant Trap. 70. Elephant in a Pitfall. 71. Anecdote of Hunters & Rhinoceros. 72. African Rhinoceros Hunting. 73. Hunting the Camelopard. 74. Killing a Shark. 75. Killing Seals in a Cavern. 76. Tartars Hunting Deer. 77. Mackerel Fishing. 78. Shooting the Hyena. 79. Shooting & white hare at Tornio. 80. Shooting a Leopard. 81. Hunting the Tiger cat. 82. Anecdote Shooting a Porcupine. 83. Siberian Exiles shooting Deer. 84. A Siberian Exile shooting a black Fox. 85. German Fox Trap. 86. North America Bear Hunt. 87. Sailors shooting a Wild Stag. 88. Spanish Bull Fighting No. 1 89. Spanish Bull Fighting No. 2 90. Spanish Bull Fighting No. 4 91. Spanish Bull Fighting No. 3 92. Spanish Bull Fighting No. 5 93. Spanish Bull Fighting No. 6 94. Spanish Bull Fighting No. 7 95. Spanish Bull Fighting No. 8 96. Spanish Bull Fighting No. 9 97. Spanish Bull Fighting No.10 98. Spanish Bull Fighting No.11 99. Spanish Bull Fighting No.12 100. General View of a Spanish Bull Fight. 101. Smoking out the Opossum. 102. Hunting the Kangaroo. 103. Throwing the Spear. 104. Climbing Trees. 105. Fishing No. 2 106. Fishing No. 1 107. The Dance. 108. Warriors of New South Wales. 109. Trial. 110. Repose.