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EGAN, Pierce.
Robert Cruikshank (illust).
Finish to the Adventures of Tom, Jerry, and Logic, in their pursuits through Life In and Out of London. With numerous illustrations by Robert Cruikshank

A humourous look at the antics and escapades of Jerry Hawthorn, Esq., and his elegant friend, Corinthian Tom, accompanied by Bob Logic, the Oxonian. Here, our heroes have dissolute adventures in London, fighting, playing cards, drinking champagne, and being seen with dancers.

London: Reeves & Turner,1887.
Tooley 197; Abbey 'Life in England' 284.
London: Reeves & Turner,1887.

Large tall octavo xvi 312 pp. 36 hand-coloured plates including the frontispiece; recent quarter leather with original red cloth; gilt to spine; top edge gilt; bookplates of "Collin Armstrong" to front pastedown & "Ex Libris: Elisha Whipple McGuire" to front free endpaper and rear pastedown; light and general age toning to text but very good internally. Coloured plates in order: 1. Frontispiece. Composite. 2 four-stage vignette with Death at banquet centre. 2. "Travellers see strange Things" logic without his Specs. The Mistakes of a Night... 3. Going off in a hurry! but not making a noise in the World. Logic's slippery State of Affairs!... 4. Hawthorn Hall: Jerry at Home; the Enjoyments of a comfortable fire-side... 5. The hounds at a stand-still. Jerry is enticed by the pretty Gypsey Girl to have his fortune told... 6. Logic's Upper Storey -- but no Premises! Jerry's return to the Metropolis... 7. Strong Symptoms of Water on the Brain: and Logics Spread of no use in the Floating Capital. 8. Tom, Jerry, Logic, and the "uncommonly big gentleman" among the "Show Folks" at Bartholomew Fair... 9. Tom, Jerry, and Logic assisting at the Ceremony of making the uncommonly big gentleman a Buffalo. 10. The Duchess of Do--Good's Screen - an attractive subject to Tom, Logic, and Jerry. 11. How to Finish a Night to be Up and dresses in the Morning... 12. Splendid Jem, once a dashing hero in the Metropolis recognised by Tom amongst the Convicts in the Dock Yard at Chatham. 13. Logic visiting an old acquaintance on board the Fleet, accompanied by Tom and Jerry... 14. The Grand Lounge: Regent Street to wit Tom and his Party off to the Races... 15. Life en Passant Fancy Dress Ball near Rag Fair; the Sage of the East quite at home... 16. Jerry Up, but not dressed a miserable brothel; his Pal bolted with the toggers... 17. The Burning Shame! Tom and Jerry, laughing at the turn up between the "uncommonly big gentleman" and the hero of the Roundy ken under suspicious circumstances. 18. The Money Lender. "the high bred One" trying it on to get the best of Old Screw... 19. Corinthian Kate's Residence - Unexpected arrival of Tom! 20. Life in the East. Tom, Jerry, and Logic called to the Bar of Benchers. The John Bull Fighter exhibiting his Cups... 21. Dangerous to be safe; or the abrupt departure - Jane Merrythought at her Wit's end !... 22. Tom, Jerry, Logic, and the "uncommonly big gentleman" entering into all the sports of the game of Forfeits. 23. "A Bit of Good Truth," Tom, Jerry, and Logic enjoying the lark song, fun and frisk at a Cock and Hen Club. 24. An Early Spree: or an off-hand wager... 25. Archery -- Tom, Jerry, and the Fat Knight trying their skill to hit the Bull's Eye. 26. Popular Gardens. Tom, Jerry, and Logic laughing at the bustle and alarm occasioned among the visitors by the escape of a Kangaroo... 27. One of those afflicting occurrences in Life in London, Tom, Jerry, and Logic arrested in their progress home by the melancholy discovery of Corinthian Kate... 28. Life on the Water - Symptoms of "Heavy Whet" or a Drap too much for the "uncommonly big gentleman." 29. Pigeon Shooting - Tom, Jerry, and the Fat Knight engaged in a Match. 30. Melancholy end of Corinthian Kate! One of those lamentable examples of dissipated Life in London. 31. Banco Regis: Tenterden Park Races. Tom, Jerry, Logic, and the "uncommonly big gentleman" highly entertained on their visit to Splinter with the race for the Cameza Stake.... 32. Adventurers at Court. Tom, Jerry and Logic highly amused with the actions of the Deaf and Dumb Man outwitting his Creditors.... 33. The "House of Accommodation" in flames! The inmates put to the flight. Jerry narrowly escapes with his life but preserves Ellen Prettyflower... 34. Logic's Testament. "Last scene of all that ends this strange eventful history". The Oxonian's farewell for ever to Tom and Jerry. 35. The Death of Corinthian Tom! 36. The Wedding Day - all happiness at "Hawthorne Hall" - Jerry and Mary Rosebud united.