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Fabeln nach Lafontaine & Gellert.

Wien: M.Trentsensky, [c.1830]
Wien: M.Trentsensky, [c.1830]

Landscape 8vo (23,5 x 19 cm). Title with large hand-coloured vignette, 13, 15-24 pp., 12 hand-coloured lithographed plates. each with a page of German text. Original blue printed decorated boards, all edges marbled; stain to upper board, occasional spotting to covers; spine fresh, reinforced inner hinge, PVA harden corners - else a good firm cover. Provenance: Kalksburg S. J. (ink stamp to upper pastedown). Unusual collection of hand-coloured plates depicting various fables and fairy-tales. *Rebinding and restoration work on this book was carried out by Ron Norman of Hartlepool. (Ronnorm@aol.com)* Coloured plates in order: 1. Title page. 2. Die Sonne und der Wind / The Sun and the Wind. (Man on horseback battling against a strong headwind.) 3. Die Sonne und der Wind / The Sun and the Wind. (Man resting beneath the cooling shade of a tree out of the fierce midday sun.) 4. Das Pferd und der Esel / The Horse and the Donkey. (Man beating an overloaded, tired donkey whilst his horse stamps beside him.) 5. Der Rabe der den Adler spielen will / The Raven who wants to play the Eagle. (Man catching a Raven who has just pecked a large beaksful of wool from his sheep's back.) 6. Der Wolf in Hirtenkleidern / The Wolf in Shepherd's Clothing. (Wolf walking among unsuspecting sheep.) 7. Der Schulknabe, der Pedant und der Gartenfreund / The School boy, the Pedant and the garden friends. (2 men arguing while a clutch of boys climb and raid an apple tree in the background.) 8. Die Eichel und der Kurbis / The Acorn and the Pumpkin (man seated beneath an acorn tree objecting to the odour given off by the nearby pumpkins.) 9. Der Schulmeister und das Kind / The Schoolmaster and the Child (A Schoolmaster on the bank of a river offering assistance to a young boy who has fallen in and is experiencing grave difficulties in getting out.) 10. Der Greis und die drei Junglinge / The Old Man & Three Youths (Three young men conversing with an old man.) 11. Der Vogelfanger, die Lerche und der Habicht / The Birdcatcher, the Lark and the Hawk. (Man setting a trap to catch a bird.) 12. Die Diebe und der Esel / The Thieves and the Donkey. (Two men fighting while another man leads a donkey away from the fighting.) 13. Der Greis und der Lod / The Old Man and Death (An old man collecting faggots, while the spectre of death appears beside him.)