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Durga Poojan Chanting Book [c.1850]


Housed in an attractive modern solander box with gilt to boards and spine. Durga Poojan Chanting Book c 1850. Text with red rule and numerous illustrations throughout. Many plates loose and plates chipped and with tears to the margins etc. Colours are still beautifully fresh and bright. Coloured plates (not) in order: 1. Demon and goddess fighting each other - one on horseback, the other on the back of a tiger, figures trampled underneath. Decorative border designs etc. 2. Yantra symbol set in text. Decorative border designs etc. 3. An Goddess, riding a tiger, with sword in hand, approaches demons riding horses & elephants. Elegant border designs. 4. Yantra symbol, set in text, with petals with signs on them. Border designs. 5. Goddesses meet by water, with water fowl. 6. Decorative Yantra symbol, set in text etc. 7. As above. 8. Goddess (Karli?)surrounded by demons with porcine heads. 9. Goddess, riding a tiger, following a maiden with a porcine head. Animal in foreground. Border decoration. 10. Goddess kneeling, holding two heads in her hands. Decorative floral borders. 11. Goddess, riding a tiger, nearby another Another God is seen sitting under a tree, on the ground by an animal. Floral borders. 12. Four differing demons riding horseback through the countryside. Floral borders. 13. Goddesses riding various birds and a cow are seen alongside demons with porcine features. Decorative border designs. 14. Tiger, goddess and demons with goat like heads. Floral decoration. 15. Three demons, two on foot and one on horseback. 16. Goddesses riding an elephant and a cow, meet demons on foot - one brandishing a sword. Floral borders. 17. Attractive multi coloured Yantra symbol with signs etc. 18. As above. 19. As above. 20. As above. 21. As above. 22. Goddess sitting on a cushion with two maidens picking flowers in the foreground. 23. Goddess, riding a tiger, following a demon, beside a lake. 24. Yantra Symbol (not unlike the Nazi Swastika) with assorted signs. 25. Decorative Yantra symbol. Floral borders.