SPL Hand Coloured Rare Book Collection Featuring Norman R Bobins

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7059 - M/L 159c
Die Geschichte der Luftfahrt.[The History of Aviation] 1980s

A wonderfully attractive stamp album covering the 200th anniversary of manned balloon flight. A historical-philatelic collection.

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Germany, 1980s
57 pages
Germany, 1980s

A beautifully presented stamp album with lovely blue plastic covers with gilt circle and gilt lettering in an addition to a gilt emblem on the front cover - repeated on the spine. Each stamp has a country heading in German, along with explanatory German text. Thick plastic covers all. The emblem of a aeroplane propeller is at the top of each page. A thin black line borders each page. In excellent condition throughout. Contributing countries are: 1. Sweden. 2. Comoro Islands. 3. Rwanda. 4. France. 5. Cook Islands. 6. Barbuda. 7. Jersey. 8. Alderney. 9. Antigua / Barbuda. 10. Jamaica. 11. Switzerland. 12. Gambia. 13. Nevis. 14. Guinea. 15. Bolivia. 16. St. Kitts. 17. Ecuador. 18. USA. 19. Yemen. 20. Israel. 21. Tuvalu. 22. British Antarctic Territory. 23. Botswana. 24. Yugoslavia. 25. Swaziland. 26. Paraguay. 27. Cambodia. 28. Vanuatu. 29. Grenada. 30. Chad. 31. Niue. 32. Dominica. 33. Sierra Leone. 34. Argentina. 35. Zaire. 36. North Korea. 37. Poland. 38. Mauritania. 39. The Grenadines & St. Vincent 40. Micronesia.

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