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Costumes Algeriens.

Paris: Aubert & Co., [1842]
Colas 1163.
Paris: Aubert & Co., [1842]

Folio. Contemporary half Russian red leather, smooth spine with gilt fillets, title letted direct in gilt to upper board, single gilt fillet to boards. Rubbed and chaffed. 20 excellent hand coloured lithographs, heightened with gum arabic - drawn by Benjamin Roubaud. The first plates represent Abd-el-Kader's Army and contain the series on Algerian costumes from the great compilation "Gallerie royale de costumes" by Aubert 1842-48. (245 plates when complete). Coloured plates in order: 1-2. Regulier Fantassin (Regular Infantrymen). 3. Arabe de la Plaine (Arab from the Plains). 4. Chef de Reguliers (Chief of the Regulars). 5. Coulouglin (Koulouglis). 6. Trompette de Cavalier regulier (Regular cavalry trumpeter). 7. Tambour de Regulier (Regular drummer). (foxed) 8. Arabe de la Plaine (Arab from the Plain; foot-soldier). 9. Kabyler (Kabylian). 10. Cavalier Regulier (Regular trooper). 11. Zouave. (Member of the French light-infantry corps). 12. Grand Chef Arabe du Desert (Arab chief from the desert). 13. Maure d'Alger (Moor from Algiers). 14. Mauresque d'Alger, costume d'interieur (Moorisg girl from Algiers). 15. Mauresque, costume de Ville (Moorish girl in city costume). 16. Zuif d'Alger (Jew from Algiers). 17. Demoiselle Juive d'Alger (Young Jewish girl from Algiers). 18. Juive d'Alger, femme mariee (Married Jewish woman of Algiers). 19. Esclave, Servant a Alger (Slave, Servant from Algiers). 20. Biskry, Porteur a Alger (Water-carrier from Algiers).