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SMITH, Charles Hamilton.
Costume of the army of the British Empire, according to the last regulations, 1814.

Smith placed on record a detailed account of the several uniforms worn around the time of the Peninsular War. Originally issued in sets of four, the prints were produced from work drawn and etched by Hamilton Smith, then aquatinted by IC Stadler. Publication took place between March 1812 and June 1815 by the London firm of Colnaghi & Co who could be found in Cockspur Street. The printing was done by W Bulmer & Co of Cleveland Row. At the end is a table of diagrams displaying the colours of the various elements of infantry uniform, including the cuffs, collars, sashes, breeches, lace, and jackets, divided into sections comprising the Foot Guards and the Numbered Regiments of Foot

London: Printed by W. Bulmer and Co. for Colnaghi and Co., 1815.
Tooley 456; Colas 2754; Bobins II 391.
London: Printed by W. Bulmer and Co. for Colnaghi and Co., 1815.

Folio (24 x 35.5 cm), a hand-coloured aquatint frontispiece, title page, engraved dedication page, 60 hand-coloured aquatint plates by I.C. Stadler after drawings by Smith. Bound in crimson crushed morocco by Sangorski & Sutcliffe, spine in six compartments, gilt linear tooling to boards and spine, lettered in gilt to spine, all edges gilt. A fascinating survey of the military uniforms of the Army of the British Empire at the beginning of the nineteenth century. 54 of the plates depict an individual soldier, often in a military pose, and the remaining six plates are of facings, etc. Good condition. Coloured plates in order: 1. Frontis. Costume of the British Army etc., etc. 2. Full-Dress Uniform of a Field Marshall. 3. Uniform of a Lieutenant General of Cavalry. 4. Uniform of a Major General of Light Dragoons. 5. Major General of Infantry. Knight Commander of the Bath. 6. Staff of the Army, Quarter Master General, or Adjutant General, (not being General Officers) Assistant Quarter Master General, or Assistant Adjutant General, Soldiers of the Royal Staff Corps. 7. An Aid de Camp and Brigade Major of Cavalry. 8. An Officer of the 2nd Regiment of Life Guards, in full Dress. 9. First Regiment of Life Guards. New Uniform. 10. Royal Horse Guards, Blues. 11. A private of the 1st, or Kings Dragoon Guards. 12. A Private of the 2nd, or Royal North British Dragoons (Greys). 13. A Private of the 3rd, or Kings Own Dragoons. 14. A Private of the 7th, or Queens Own L[ight] D[ragoons]. (Hussars). 15. Light Dragoons serving in the East Indies. 16. An Officer of the 9th Light Dragoons. In Review Order. 17. A Corporal of the 10th, or Prince of Wales's Own Royal Hussars. In Review Order. 18. A Private of the 13th Light Dragoons. 19. An Officer (Lieut. Col.) of the 14th Light Dragoons. In Parade Dress. 20. A Private of the 15th, or Kings Light Dragoons (Hussars). 21. A Private of the 18th Light Dragoons (Hussars). 22. Heavy and Light Cavalry Cloaked. 23. Heavy and Light Cavalry, in Watering Order. 24. A Field Officer of Royal Engineers and a Private Saper. 25. Royal Artillery. 26. Royal Horse Artillery. 27. Royal Artillery. Mounted Rockett Corps. 28. Royal Artillery Drivers. 29. An Officer of the Guards in Full Dress. 30. Grenadiers of the Foot Guards, in full Dress. 31. Privates of the First Regiment of Foot Guards, on Service. 32. Soldiers of the 1st Regiment of Foot Guards, in Marching Order. 33. Infantry Officer, in Marching Order. 34. Battalion Infantry, 6th, or 1st Warwickshire Regiment, 23rd, or Royal Welsh Fusileers. 35. 9th, or E.Norfolk Regiment of Infantry. An Ensign bearing the Regimental Colours, & a Colour Serjeant on Service. 36. Grenadiers & Light Infantry of the 29th or Worcestershire Regiment of Infantry on Duty at Home. 37. Grenadiers of the 42nd, or Royal, and 92nd, or Gordon Highlanders. 38. An Officer & Private of the 52nd Regiment of Infantry. 39. A Sergeant and Privates of the 87th, or Prince of Wales's Own Irish Regiment on Service. 40. British Riflemen. 60th Regiment / 95th Regiment. 41. Drum Major &c, of a Regiment of the Line, Pioneer of the Grenadier Comp[any] of D[ragoons]. 42. Cavalry Staff Corps 1813. 43. An Officer, Private & Driver of the Royal Waggon Train. 44. A Private of the Royal Marines. 45. A Private of the 5th West India Regiment. 46. 3rd Hussars, Infantry & L[ight] Infantry. Kings German Legion. 47 Hussars and Infantry of the Duke of Brunswick Oels's Corps. 48. York Light Infantry Volunteers, a Sergeant in Morning Parade Dress, a Private on Duty. 49. Foreign Corps in the British Service. Privates of the Greek Light Infantry Regiment. 50. Cadets of the Royal Military College at Sandhurst. Junior Department. 51. Chelsea Pensioners. Cavalry & Infantry. 52. Children of the Royal Military Asylum, Chelsea. 53. British Cavalry 1812. Facings for the: Life Guards, Royal Horse Guards, Dragoon Guards, Dragoons, Light Dragoons & Hussars. 54. British Infantry of the Line 1812. Facings for the: Foot Guards & Numbered Regiments of Foot. 55. Regular Infantry cont... & Royal Artillery. 56. Foreign Corps 1813 & 1814. King's German Legion &c. Facings for Cavalry, Infantry, Additional Battalions 1814, Staff of the Army, Garrison Companies. 57. Facings of the Militia of Great Britain & Ireland 1814. 58. Native Troops E[ast] India Company's Service. (1) Troops of the Body Guard of the Gov[enor] General. (2) Private of the Bengal Regular Cavalry (3) Private of the Java Volunteers. 59. Native Troops E [ast] India Companys Service, a Sergeant and a Private Grenadier Sepoy of the Bengal Army. 60. Native Troops, E [ast] India Companys Service. A Sergeant of Light Infantry and Private of Madras Sepoys. 61. Facings of the Honourable United East India Companys Regular Army, Jan 1814. Bengal Native Cavalry, Bengal Infantry &c, Madras Native Cavalry, Madras Infantry &c, Bombay Infantry &c.