SPL Hand Coloured Rare Book Collection Featuring Norman R Bobins

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Ceremonial of the Coronation of his most sacred Majesty King George IV.

London: The Author, 1823.
Martin Hardie pp. 69-70; Franklin, Themes in Aquatint pp. 30-31; Abbey Scenery 258; Bobins 739.
XL=elephant folio
London: The Author, 1823.

FIRST EDITION. Elephant folio, hand-coloured aquatint title, dedication leaf, 40 plates, all coloured by hand and heightened in gold. EXTRA ILLUSTRATED with two leaves on vellum with the painted arms and quartering of the Duke of Newcastle, richly embellished with gold and silver, an additional plate of the Duchess, handsomely bound by Clark & Bedford in crushed red morocco, wide gilt borders, spine in gilt, Newcastle Arms to boards, inner dentelles gilt, marbled endpapers - a genuinely magnificent copy! Preserved in a modern black cloth box. Possibly only ten copies were ever printed! Bookplates of 'Norman R. Bobins' & 'John Porter' to front pastedown. One of the two books published in real gold by Whittaker, the other being the Magna Carta. The time and effort involved in this venture were enormous; at one time, the printing press broke under the effort needed to apply the gold. "This magnificent tour-de-force, quite unlike any other book, broke the printer and the Columbia Press. By the time he had completed it, the king was dead" (Franklin). Coloured plates in order: 1. Heraldic Arms. 2. Heraldic Arms. 3. The Crowning of His Majesty; with the following personages: The King, Archbishop of Canterbury, Prince Leopold, Duke of Wellington, Duke of Rutland, Duke of Northumberland, Duke of Devonshire, Duke of Norfolk, Marquess of Anglesey, Marquess Wellesley, Earl of Eldon, Bishop of Oxford, Lord Hill &c. 4. [The Title] Miss Fellowes, Miss Hill, Miss Bond, Miss Walker, Miss Daniell, Miss Caldwell, and Miss Collier. 5. [Dedication] Sir J.B. Lamb, R.C. Glynn, Sir C. Hunter, Alderman, Dr. Ireland carrying the new Crown, Admiral Whitshed and Sir H. Torrens, Knights of Bath. 6. Sir L. Cole, and Sir G. Cockburn, Knights Grand Crosses of the Bath, Judge Abbot, Lord Bexley, Hon. J. Beckett, Dean Of Windsor. 7. Marquess Londonderry, Marquess Graham, Mr. mash, carrying the Sword and Ring, Treasurer, Comptroller. 8. Herald, Earl of Mayo (carrying a banner) and his Page, Lord Combermere, Lord Maryborough. 9. Earl of Lauderdale, Lord Beresford (carrying banners), and their Pages, Viscount Exmouth, Viscount Sidmouth. 10. Lord Hill (carrying a banner) and his Page, Earl of Guilford, Earl of Darnley. 11. Earl Harcourt (carrying a banner) and his Page, Marquess of Exeter, Marquess of Buckingham. 12. Marquess of Cholmondeley, Earl of Harrington (carrying a banner), and Page. 13. Duke of Montrose, Duke of Argyll, Earl of Westmoreland, Earl of Harrowby. 14. Archbishop of York, Earl of Eldon, Archbishop of Canterbury. 15. Marquess of Salisbury, carrying the Sceptre with a Cross, Lord Calthorpe, carrying the Spurs, Marquess Wellesley. 16. Earl of Galloway, carrying First Sword, Duke of Newcastle, carrying the Curtana, Duke of Northumberland, carrying Third Sword. 17. Rt. Hon. J.T. Thorpe, (Lord Mayor), carrying the City Sceptre, Lord Gwydyr. 18. A Peer's Page. 19. Marquess of Landsdowne, The Sword of State. 20. A Gentleman of the Household. 21. Marquess of Hertford as Privy Counsellor. 22. Mr. Brent. 23. Bishops of Gloucester, Ely, and Chester. 24. Earl of Mountcharles, Mr. Henderson. 25. Lord Howard of Effingham, A Gentleman, carrying the Privy Purse. 26. Mr. Monk, Usher of Green Rod. 27. Lord Acheson, Page of Honour. 28. The Altar. 29. Sir C.W. Flint. 30. One of His Majesty's Train-bearers. 31. A Baron of the Cinque Ports. 32. Duke of York and Train-bearer. 33. Words printed in Gold leaf...beginning with "His Royal Highness Prince Frederick Duke of York and Albany..." 34. Duke of Clarence and Train-bearer. 35. Duke of Sussex and Train-bearer. 36. Duke of Gloucester and Train-bearer. 37. Prince Leopold and Train-bearer. 38. Duke of Wellington. 39. Duke of Devonshire, carrying the Orb. 40. Duke of Rutland, carrying Sceptre with Dove. 41. Marquess of Anglesey, carrying St. Edward's Crown. 42. Marquess of Exeter. 43-44. Names of Peeresses. 45. The Banquet, a grand Historical Print from a Picture painted expressly for the late Earl of Liverpool, by G. Jones, R.A. and by permission of the Countess of Liverpool, is published in this work. [Uncoloured mezzotint of Georgiana Elizabeth, Duchess of Newcastle].