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ELWART, Professor A.
Mythologie Elementaire. Dediee a la jeunesse.[with] Solfrege du jeune age. Francais et Anglais

The text is in both French and English. Antoine Elwart (1808-1877) was a highly successful composer who taught at the Paris Conservatoire. He received the Legion of Honour for his services to music. A panorama of twenty-three sections, twenty pages bearing hand-coloured lithographs illustrating a musical example; three, music; the twenty-fourth leaf, which is the title, is mounted, as issued on the front cover.

[France] [c.1850]
[France] [c.1850]

2, vols, 8vo (16 x 13 cm), Mythologie: foldout with 23 hand-coloured images, each with French text and printed caption. Music: foldout with 23 panels and 20 hand-coloured images, each with text (English and French), musical scores, both vols bound in contemporary patterned cloth, one with printed title, both decorated with gilt and housed in a marbled slipcase. In good condition throughout. Coloured plates in order: Volume 1. Mythologie. 1. Saturne. (Father of Jupiter) 2. Jupiter. (The Supreme God) 3. Junon. (Spouse of Jupiter) 4. Neptune. (God of the Sea) 5. Pluton. (God of the Underworld) 6. Venus. ((Goddess of Love) 7. Mars. (God of War) 8. Ceres. (Goddess of Agriculture) 9. Apollon. (God of Medicine, Music, Art, Law...) 10. Diane. (Goddess of Hunting) 11. Mercurie. (God of traders, merchants, and travellers) 12. Minerve. (Goddess of War and Wisdom) 13. Bacchus. (Associated with wine, the emblem of Drunkenness) 14. Pomone. (Goddess of Fruit Trees) 15. Vulcain. (God of Fire) 16. Flore. (Goddess of Flowers) 17. Themis. (Goddess of Natural Law and Justice) 18. La Fortune. (Goddess of the Oceans presides over the good or bad that happens to man) 19. Eole. (God of Wind) 20. Le Sommeil. (Associated with sleep) 21. Echo. (Hera gives the nymph a speech impediment to repeat all that she hears) 22. Comus. (God of Joy and Good Cheer) 23. Pan. (Half man, half goat, associated with shepherds, flocks, and pastures) Volume 2. Music 1. There are three Clifs that serve to give the names to the notes... 2. The eight sounds or notes in music form what is called the Gamut or musical alphabet... 3. There are seven kinds of figures of notes... 4. A Semibreve is equal to two Minums. 5. A Minum is equal to two Crotchets. 6. A Crotchet is equal to two Quavers. 7. A Quaver is equal to two Semi-Quavers. 8. A Semi-Quaver is equal to two Demi-Quavers. 9. A Demi-Quaver is equal to two Demi-Demi-Quavers. 10. There are three sorts of time. First Common time is equal to a Semibreve... 11. Triple Time is equal to three Crotchets... 12. Third Common Time containing two Minums... 13. The Semibreve Rest is equal to a Semibreve... 14. The Minum Rest is equal to a Minum... 15. A Crotchet Rest is equal to a Crotchet... 16. A Quaver Rest is equal to a Quaver. 17. A Demi-Quaver-Rest is equal to a Demi-Quaver. 18. A Demi-Semi-Quaver-Rest is equal to a Demi-Semi-Quaver. 19. A Demi-Demi -Semi-Quaver-Rest is equal to a Demi-Demi-Semi-Quaver.