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A Handbook for Posterity or 'Twiddle Twaddle'.

A series of 60 mainly humorous plates depicting The Life & Times of Geo Cruikshank: often successive plates run on a theme; My family; Poverty; The Way we see the World etc. Each has a poem/description opposite. Both plates & text are printed on one side only.

London: W T Spencer , 27 New Oxford St, 1896.
London: W T Spencer , 27 New Oxford St, 1896.

From a Limited Edition of just 200 copies - this is No 49 of 50 with hand-coloured illustrations. Signed by the Engraver & Publisher. SCARCE: Especially with the Hand Coloured Plates. The Publisher, Mr. W. T. Spencer, was a friend of George Cruikshank and the inventor of "etchings on glass." 8vo. (24 cm x 16 cm) Bound in quarter brown morocco with brown cloth, title in gilt to spine, top edge gilt, other edges rough cut. The binding appears to be original. Spine pulled and worn, corners bumped. Coloured endpapers. In good condition. The text is on handmade paper. [The title page decoration & frontis make up the total of 62 Etchings ]. George Cruikshank ( 1792 - 1878 ) was born in London. His father Issac and his brother Robert were also well-known caricaturists. George was known as "the modern-day Hogarth" for his social caricatures. A friend of Charles Dickens, he illustrated many of his books. Coloured plates in order: 1. Frontispiece. 2. Title Page (small vignette) 3. Making Both Ends Meet. 4. The Economical Dog. 5. Her Mother Feeding the Fowls. 6. The Accident which then Occurred. 7. Held out of Window in the Strand. 8. Outside the House in Dorset Square. 9. The Button-hole of a Naughty Boy. 10. Rehearsing for Guy Fawkes Day. 11. The Powder Explodes. 12. George the Third going to St. Pauls. 13. Running by the side of the King's Carriage. 14. As above. 15. The Primitive Method of Procuring Lights. 16. The Studio. 17. Fire at Covent Garden. 18. Hone on his Trial. 19. Prepared for an Attack. 20. Bandy Tom singing "Lord Bateman." 21. Portrait of a Gentleman!!! (sketched from memory). 22. Bring up a child in the way he should be. 23. The Ballad Singer. 24. Juvenile Affection. 25. Taking the Children to School. 26. Drury Lane. 27. Poverty, Sickness, Death. 28. King Robert the Bruce. 29. Accepted. 30. A Theory of our World. 31. As above. 32. As above. 33. As above. 34. The Sedan Chair in Use. 35. Carrying the Chair into the House. 36. Footmen extinguishing Torches. 37. Drawing by W.M. Thackeray. 38. The Duel. 39. The Bag of Gold. 40. The Sweep at Work. 41. Sweeping Boy and Brush. 42. The Rameneur. 43. Lighting Street Lamps. 44. Table Turning. 45. As above. 46. Warming Up. 47. Superstition. 48. G. Ck's Idea of the Universal Worship of God. 49. Time removes all Things. 50. Dr. Guillotine is explaining his Invention. 51. The Republican Beau. 52. Portraits. 53. Robert showing Napoleon his Sketch on the barn Wall. 54. Ventilation. 55. The Lady's Head Dress. 56. Bow Street Officers capturing Highwaymen. 57. Mount Parnassus. 58. The Worship of Bacchus. 59. Suggestion of the Martello Towers. 60. An Old Street Pump. 61. Beginning Bad Habits. 62. Fly-Fishing or Flying Fish.