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A Display of Heraldry, of Manifesting... & Analogia honorum, or, A treatise of honour and nobility, according to the laws and customes of England.

John Guillim's (1550-1621) work on heraldry, which "was to remain the standard textbook on English heraldry until the second half of the eighteenth century, and it is still regularly used by working heralds in the twenty-first century" (ODNB). These comprehensive, detailed descriptions of hundreds of heraldic arms were written by John Guillim (or Gwillim, 1565-1621), an officer of arms at the College of Arms, London. Using codified syntax to blazon the various elements of each armorial, Guillim notes the field, charge, device, and colour -- intended to be hand-painted in his book.

London: [fifth edition], printed by S.Roycroft for R.Blome, 1679. & London: 1677, Printed by S. Roycroft
approx 900
London: [fifth edition], printed by S.Roycroft for R.Blome, 1679. & London: 1677, Printed by S. Roycroft

The fifth edition of this work. (12) 317pp (9) with many heraldic shields and text engravings, of which many are hand-coloured. [BOUND WITH] Logan. J. "Analogia Honorum, or, a treatise of honour and nobility according to the law as and customes of England, etc." 181Pp (8) with 13 full-page portraits and 104 pages of heraldic designs many hand-coloured. These two works are commonly found bound together, and the number of plates varies. Recently rebound in full paneled calf with spine in six compartments morocco title piece from earlier binding. Blind stamped and tooled on spine and boards. Coloured plates in order: A Display of Heraldry. Section 1. 1. Plain Shields. 2. Ermine and Vaire Shields. 3. Bordure Shields. 4. Files and Labels. 5. Abatements. Section 2. 6. Shield of Sir Thomas Grey of Derbys. 7. Chiefs. 8. Pales. 9. Bends & Bendlets. 10. Fess. 11. Chevrons. 12. Barrs & Barrulets. 13. Gyrons. 14. Piles. 15. Flanches. 16. Orles. 17. Crosses. 18. Saltaires. 19. Pallets. 20. Two or three ordinaries in one shield. Section 3. 21. Angels & Spirits. 22. Spheres and Stars. 23. Sun and Moon. 24. Crescents. 25. Flames etc. 26. Mullets. 27. Nebule. 28. Escarbuncle. 29. Stones. 30. Trees and Leaves. 31. Fruits. 32. Roses. 33. Wheat ears and Sheaves. 34. Flower de Lis. (Fleur des Lys) 35. Trefoils, Quaterfoils and Cinqfoils. 36. Flowers. 37. Guttee. 38. Deaths heads and bones. 39. Elephants. 40. Horses, Asses, Bulls, Goats, etc., in whole and in part. 41. Stags, Bucks, and Deer. 42. Bucks heads. 43. Unicorns. 44. Camels, Boars, Sheep, etc. in whole and in part. 45. Lions. 46. Lions heads and paws. 47. Tigers, Bears, and Wolves. 48. Greyhounds and Dogs. 49. Foxes, Cats, Ermyns. 50. Squirrels, Rabbets, Moles, Hedgehogs, Tortoises. 51. Toads, Spiders, Emmets. 52. Grasshoppers. 53. Snakes, Snails. 54. Swans, Ducks, Cranes, and Herns. 55. Spread Eagles. 56. Wings, Feathers, and Legs. 57. Hawks, Owls, and Birds. 58. Martlets. 59. Peacocks, Turkies. 60. Flies, Bees, etc. 61. Eeles, Dolphins, crabs, and other fish. 62. Escallop shells and other shells. 63. Effergies of men etc. 64. Parts of men. 65. Otters. 66. Leopards. 67. Leopards faces. 68. Griffins, Wiverns, Cockatrices, Mermaids, etc. 69. Lions and other Beasts, not freely born. Section 4. 70. Crowns, Sceptres, Garters, etc. Cardinals Hats, Mitres, Crosiers. 71. Swords, Maces. 72. Rings, Amulets. 73. Billets. 74. Pens, Inkhorns, Letters. 75. Fidles, Pipes, and other Instruments. 76. Celestial Signs. 77. Plows, Harrows, Checker-wheels. 78. Spindles, Cards, Barrels. 79. Maunches. 80. Combs, Purses. 81. Pellets, Plates, Hurts, Bezants. 82. Pick-axes, Mallets, Squares, Axes. 83. Plumets, Compasses, Pinchers, etc. 84. Castles, Towers, Tents. 85. Bells, Cushions. 86. Tressels, Trevets, Pots, Bellows etc. 87. Sails, Anchors. 88. Boats, Ships. 89. Hunters Horns. 90. Bells, Lewres. 91. Mascles, Frets. 92. Fish-hooks, Nets, and Weels. 93. Playing Tables, Dice. 94. Chess-rooks and Ferdemolins. 95. Banners, Spears, Beacons, Drums. 96. Trumpets, Fluits, Clarions. 97. Guns and battering Rams. 98. Bows, Arrows, and Pheons. 99. Swords, Spears, Bills, Lances, and Ladders. 100. Helmets, Gauntlets, Legs. 101. Saddles, Horses, Shoes. 102. Chaplets. 103. Shackbolts. 104. Waterbowgets. 105. Torteuxes. 106. Lozenges, Fusils. Section 5. 107. Coats of several ordinaries. Section 6. 108. Impaled Coats. 109. Quartered Coats. Analogia Honorum. Achievements of Dukes. 1. His Royall Highness James, Duke of York and Albany... 2. Prince Rupert, Count Palatine of the Rhine, Duke of Bavaria... 3. Henry, Duke of Norfolk, Earle of Arundel, Surrey, Norwich... 4. Francis Seymour, Duke of Somerset, Marquess & Earle of Hertford... 5. George, Duke, Marquess, & Earle of Buckingham.... 6. Christopher, Duke of Albermarle, Earle of Torington... 7. James, Duke of Monmouth & Buccleuch, Earle of Doncaster... 8. William Cavendish, Duke, Marquess & Earle of Newcastle... 9. Charles Fitz-Roy, Duke of Southampton, Earle of Chichester, Baron of Newbury... 10. Charles Lennox, Duke of Richmond and Lennox, Earle of March... 11. Henry Fitz-Roy, Duke of Grafton, Earle of Euston, Viscount Ipswich... Achievements of Marquesses. 12. The most Hon.Charles Paulet, Marquess of Winchester, Earl of Wiltshire... 13. The most Hon. Henry Somerset, Marquess & Earle of Worcester... 14. The most Hon. Henry Pierrepoint, Marquess of Dorchester, Earle of Kingston-Upon-Hull... Achievements of Earles. 15. The Rt. Hon. Aubrey Vere, Earle of Oxford... 16. The Rt. Hon. Charles Talbot, Earle of Shrewsbury, Baron Talbot... 17. The Rt. Hon. Anthony Grey, Earle of Kent, Baron Grey of Ruthin... 18. The Rt. Hon. William Stanley, Earle of Derby, Lord Stanley & Strange... 19. The Rt. Hon. John Manners, Earle of Rutland, Baron Ross of Hamlack, Trusbut, and Belvoir... 20. The Rt. Hon. Theophilus, Earle of Huntingdon, Lord Hastings of Hastings, Hungerford.... 21. The Rt. Hon. William Russell, Earle of Bedford, Baron Russell of Tavistock... 22. The Rt. Hon. Philip Herbert, Earle of Pembrook, Montgomery, Baron Herbert of Shurland... 23. The Rt. Hon. Edward Fines, Earle of Lincoln & Baron of Clinton, etc... 24. The Rt. Hon. Charles Howard, Earle of Nottingham, Baron Howard of Effingham, etc... 25. The Rt. Hon. James Howard, Earle of Suffolk, Baron Howard of Walden... 26. The Rt. Hon. Charles Sackville, Earle of Dorset & Middlesex, Baron Buckhurst... 27. The Rt. Hon. James Coecill, Earle of Salisbury, Viscount Cranborne..... 28. The Rt. Hon. John Coecill, Earle of Exeter, Baron Coecill of Burleigh... 29. The Rt. Hon. John Egerton, Earl of Bridgewater, Viscount Brackley, Baron of Ellesmere.... 30. The Rt. Hon. Robert Sidney, Earle of Leicester, Viscount Lisle, Baron Sidney of Penhurst... 31. The Rt. Hon. Charles Knowles, Earle of Banbury, Viscount Wallingford.... 32. The Rt. Hon. Thomas Savage, Earle of Rivers, Viscount Colchester... 33. The Rt. Hon. Robert Bertue, Earle of Lindsey, Baron Willoughby of Eresby... 34. The Rt. Hon. John Cary, Earle of Dover, Viscount Rochester, and Baron Hunsden. 35. The Rt. Hon. Robert Montague, Earle of Manchester, Viscount Mandevile, Baron Kimbolton... 36. The Rt. Hon. Charles Howard, Earle of Berkshire, Viscount Andover... 37. The Rt. Hon. John Sheffield, Baron Sheffield of Butterwick.. 38. The Rt. Hon. William Ley, Earle of Marlborough, & Baron Ley of Ley etc. 39. The Rt. Hon. George Digby, Earl of Bristoll, Baron Digby of Sherborne etc. 40. The Rt. Hon. Gilbert Holles, Earle of Clare, and Baron Holles of Haughton in Nottinghamshire. 41. The Rt. Hon. Oliver St. Johns, Earle of Bullingbrook & Baron St. John of Bletshoe etc. 42. The Rt. Hon. Charles Fane, Earle of Westmoreland, and Baron de la Spencer and Burghwash etc. 43. The Rt. Hon. James Earle of Northampton, Baron Compton of Compton... 44. The Rt. Hon. Robert Earle of Warwick and Holland, Baron Rich of Leeze, and Kensington... 45. The Rt. Hon. William Earle of Devonshire, Baron Cavendish of Hardwick... 46. The Rt. Hon. William Fielding, Earle of Denbigh, Viscount Fielding... 47. The Rt. Hon. Henry Mordaunt, Earle of Peterborrow, Baron of Turvey... 48. The Rt. Hon. Thomas Grey, Earle of Stamford, Lord Ferriers of Grooby... 49. The Rt. Hon. Heneage Finch, Earle of Winchelsea, Viscount Maidston, Baron Fitz Herbert of Eastwell.... 50. The Rt. Hon. Charles Dormer, Earle of Carnarvon, Viscount Ascot, and Baron of Wing... 51. The Rt. Hon. Mountjoy Blunt, Earle of Newport, Baron Mountjoy of Thurveston in Devonshire... 52. The Rt. Hon. Phillip Stanhope, Earle of Chesterfield and Baron Stanhope of Shelford etc. 53. The Rt. Hon. Nicholas Tufton, Earle of Thanet, and Baron Tufton of Tufton etc. 54. The Rt. Hon. Thomas Weston, Earle of Portland, Baron Weston of Neyland etc. 55. The Rt. Hon. William Wentworth, Earle of Stafford, Viscount Wentworth, and Baron Wentworth.... 56. The Rt. Hon. Robert Spencer, Earle of Sunderland, Baron Spencer of Wormlerton... 57. The Rt. Hon. Nicholas Leake, Earle of Scarsdale, and Baron Deyncourt etc. 58. The Rt. Hon. John Wilmot, Earle of Rochester, Baron Wilmot of Alderbury in England and Viscount Wilmot of Athlone in Ireland... 59. The Rt. Hon. Henry Jermine, Earle of St. Albans, Baron of St. Edmunds-bury... 60. The Rt. Hon. Edward Montague, Earle of Sandwich, Viscount Montague of Hinchinbrooke... 61. The Rt. Hon. James Duke Marquess & Earle of Ormonde, Earle of Ossery & Brecknock, Viscount Thurles... 62. The Rt. Hon. Henry Hide, Earle of Clarendon, Viscount Cornbury, Baron Hide of Hendon. 63. The Rt. Hon. Arthur Capell, Earle of Essex, Viscount Malden, Baron Capell of Hadham.... 64. The Rt. Hon. Robert Brudenell, Earl of Cardigan and Baron Brudenell of Staughton etc. 65. The Rt. Hon. Arthur Annesley, Earle of Anglesey, Baron Annersley of Newport Pagnell in England..... 66. The Rt. Hon. John, Earle of Bath, Viscount Grenvile of Lonsdowne, Baron Greenvile of Kilkhampton & Bidiford.... 67. The Rt. Hon. Charles Howard, Earle of Carlisle, Viscount Morpeth, Baron Dacres of Gisland.... 68. The Rt. Hon. William Earle of Craven, Viscount Craven of Uffington, Baron Craven of Hampstead... 69. The Rt. Hon. Robert Bruce, Earle of Alisbury & Elgan, Viscount Bruce of Ampthill.... 70. The Rt. Hon. Richard Boyle, Earle of Burlington & Baron Clifford of Lansborow in England, Earle of Corke... 71. The Rt. Hon. Henry Bennet, Earle and Baron Arlington, Viscount Thetford.... 72. Anthony, Earle of Shaftesbury, Baron Ashley of Wimbourne St. Giles, and Lord Cooper of Pawlet. 73. The Rt. Hon. Henry Howard, Earle of Norwich & Earle Marshall of England, Baron Holland of Castle Rising... 74. The Rt. Hon. William Herbert, Earle and Baron of Powis etc. 75. The Rt. Hon. Edward Henry Lee, Earle of Litchfield, Viscount Quarenton and baron Splisbury. 76. The Rt. Hon. John Maitland, Earle of Guilford and baron of Petersham in England, Duke of Latherdale, Viscount Maitland... 77. The Rt. Hon. Charles Fitz-Charles, Earle of Plymouth, Viscount Totnes, and baron Dartmouth. 78. The Rt. Hon. Thomas Osborne, Earle of Danby, Viscount Latimer, Baron Osborne of Kiveton..... 79. The Rt. Hon. George Fitz-Roy, Earle of Northumberland, Viscount Falmouth, and Baron Pontefract etc. 80. The Rt. Hon. Thomas Leonard, Earle of Sussex, and Lord Dacres of Gilesland etc. 81. The Rt. Hon. Louis, Earle of Feversham, Viscount Sondes, Lord Duras, Baron of Holdenby.... 82. The Rt. Hon. Charles Beauclair, Baron of Heddington and Earle of Burford. Atchivements of Irish Earles. 83. The Rt. Hon. Robert Ridgeway, Earle of Londonderry and Baron of Gallon-Ridge in Queens County in the Kingdom of Ireland. 84. The Rt. Hon. Edward Brabazon, Earle of Meath and Baron Brabazon of Archden. 85. The Rt. Hon. Roger Jones, Viscount and Earle of Rannrlagh. 86. The Rt. Hon. Francis Aungier, Earle, Viscount and Baron of Langford in the Kingdom of Ireland.... 87. The Rt. Hon. William O'Brien, Earle & Baron of Burren in the Kingdom of Ireland... 88. The Rt. Hon. Charles Moore, Earle and Viscount of Drogheda and Baron of Mellefont in the Kingdom of Ireland... 89. The Rt. Hon. Luke Plunkett, Earle of Fingall and Baron Killeene in the Kingdom of Ireland etc. 90. The Rt. Hon. Arthur Chichester, Baron of Belfast, Viscount Chichester of Carickfergus & Earle of Donegall... Atchivements of Scotch & Irish Earles. 91. The Rt. Hon. James Ogilby, Earle of Airly, Elight, and Glentrahen, in the Kingdome of Scotland etc. 92. The Rt. Hon. John Fitz-Gerard, Earle of Kildeare, premier Earle of the Kingdom of Ireland. 93. The Rt. Hon. William Pope, Earle of Downe, Baron and Lord Pope. of Bellterbitt in Ireland etc. 94. The Rt. Hon. Roger Palmer, Earle of Castlemaine, and Baron of Lamberick in the Kingdom of Ireland etc. Achievements of Viscounts. 95. The Rt. Hon. Leicester Devoreux, Viscount Hereford and Baron Ferrers of Chartey. 96. The Rt. Hon. Francis Browne, Viscount Montague. 97. The Rt. Hon. William Finnes, Viscount and Baron Say and Seale. 98. The Rt. Hon. Edward Viscount Conway & Baron of Ragley in England, and Viscount of Kilultagh in Ireland... 99. The Rt. Hon. Baptist Noel, Viscount Baron Noel of Ridlington and Elmington.... 100. The Rt. Hon. William Howard, Viscount and Baron Stafford. 101. The Rt. Hon. Thomas Betlasis, Viscount Folconbergh of Henknowle, Baron Falconbergh of Yarum.... 102. The Rt. Hon. John Mordant, Viscount Mordant of Aveland and Baron of Rygate. 103. The Rt. Hon. George Savile, Viscount Halifax, Baron Savile. 104. The Rt. Hon. Robert Paston, Viscount Yarmouth, Baron Paston of Paston. 105. The Rt. Hon. Francis, Viscount Newport of Bradford, Baron Newport of High Ercall... Achievements of Irish Viscounts. 106. The Rt. Hon. Thomas Needham, Lord Viscount Killmurray of the Kingdom of Ireland. 107. The Rt. Hon. William, Viscount Brouncher of Lyons, and Baron Brouncher of New Castle in the Kingdom of Ireland. 108. The Rt. Hon. Charles, Lord Halifax, Viscount Emula in the Kingdom of Ireland. 109. The Rt. Hon. Maurice Berkeley, Baron Berkeley of Rathdowne, and Viscount Fitz-Harding of Bear.... Achievements of Bishops. 110. The Rt. Reverend Father [....] Henry Compton, Lord Bishop of London... 111. The Rt. Reverend Father [....] Nathaniel Crew, Lord Bishop of Durham... 112. The Rt. Reverend Father [....] John Pearson, Lord Bishop of Chester. 113. The Rt. Reverend Father [....] Peter Gunning, Lord Bishop of Ely. 114. The most Reverend Father [....] Gilbert Sheldon, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury.... 115. The most Reverend Father [....] Richard Sterne, Lord Archbishop of Yorke.... 116. The Rt. Reverend Father [....] Humfrey Hinchman, Lord Bishop of London.... 117. The Rt. Reverend Father [....] the Lord Bishop of Sarum.... 118. Cecil Calvert, Baron Baltemore in Ireland... Achievements of Barons. 119. The Rt. Hon. George Lord Nevill, Baron of Abergavenny in Monmouthshire. 120. The Rt. Hon. James Lord Touchett, Baron Audley of Heighley in England, and Earle of Castle Haven in Ireland. 121. The Rt. Hon. Charles Lord West, Baron De la Ware in Hantshire. 122. The Rt. Hon. George Lord Berkley.... 123. The Rt. Hon. Thomas Lord Parker, Baron Morley and Mont-eagle in Lancashire. 124. The Rt. Hon. Conyers, Lord D'Arcy, Baron D'Arcy and Menil in Yorkshire. 125. The Rt. Hon. Benjamin Lord Mildmay, Baron Fitzwater. 126. The Rt. Hon. William Lord Sturton, Baron Sturton of Sturton in Wiltshire. 127. The Rt. Hon. Henry Lord Sandis, Baron Sandis of the Vine in Hantshire. 128. The Rt. Hon. Thomas Lord Windsor, Lord Lieut. of Worcestershire. 129. The Rt. Hon. Thomas Lord Cromwell, Baron of Oakham in Rutlandshire and Earle of Arglast, & Viscount Lecaile in the Kingdom of Ireland. 130. The Rt. Hon. Ralph, Lord Eure, Baron of Wilton in the County of Northumberland. 131. The Rt. Hon. Phillip Lord Wharton, Baron of Wharton in the county of Westmoreland. 132. The Rt. Hon. John Lord Willoughby, Baron Willoughby of Parham in Lincolnshire. 133. The Rt. Hon. William Lord Pagett, Baron of Beaudesert in the county of Stafford. 134. The Rt. Hon. Charles Lord North of Cartlidge in the county of Cambridge... 135. The Rt. Hon. William Lord Bruges, Baron Chandos of Sudeley castle in Gloucestershire. 136. The Rt. Hon. James Lord Bertue, Baron Norris of Rycott in Oxfordshire.... 137. The Rt. Hon. William Petre, Baron of Writtle in Essex. 138. The Rt. Hon. Digby Gerard, Baron Bromley in Staffordshire. 139. The Rt. Hon. Charles Lord Stanhope, Baron of Harrington, in the county of Northampton etc. 140. The Rt. Hon. Henry Lord Arundell, Baron of Wardure in Wiltshire... 141. The Rt. Hon. Christopher Lord Roper, Baron Tenham of Tenham in Kent. 142. The Rt. Hon. Robert Grevill, Baron Brook of Beauchamps Court in Warwickshire... 143. The Rt. Hon. Edward Lord Montague of Broughton..... 144. The Rt. Hon. Ralph Lord Grey, Baron of Warke... 145. The Rt. Hon. John Lord Roberts, Baron of Truro in Cornwall.... 146. The Rt. Hon. John Lovelace, Baron of Hurley in Barkshire. 147. The Rt. Hon. John Lord Poulet, Baron of Hinton St. George in Somersetshire. 148. The Rt. Hon. William Maynard, Baron of Estaines in Essex, and Baron Maynard of Wicklow in Ireland.... 149. The Rt. Hon. George Coventry, Baron of Alesborough in Worcestershire. 150. The Rt. Hon. Thomas Howard, Baron of Escricke in Yorkshire. 151. The Rt. Hon. Charles Lord Mohun, Baron Mohun of Oakhampton in Devonshire. 152. The Rt. Hon. Edward Lord Herbert, Baron of Cherbury in Montgomeryshire & of Castle Island in Ireland... 153. The Rt. Hon. Thomas Lord Leigh, Baron Leigh of Stonely in Warwickshire. 154. The Rt. Hon. Richard Lord Biron, Baron of Rachdale in Lancashire. 155. The Rt. Hon. Christopher Lord Hatton, Baron of Kirby in Northamptonshire.... 156. The Rt. Hon. Richard Lord Vaughan, Baron of Emlyn in England, and Earle of Carbery in Ireland... 157. The Rt. Hon. Francis Lord Carrington, Baron of Wotton in Warwickshire & Viscount Barreford in the Kingdom of Ireland. 158. The Rt. Hon. William Lord Widdrington of Widdrington Castle in Northumberland..... 159. The Rt. Hon. Edward Lord Ward, Baron of Berminham in the County of Warwick. 160. The Rt. Hon. Thomas Lord Culpeper, Baron of Thornsway in Kent. 161. The Rt. Hon. Jacob Lord Astley, Baron of Reding in Barkshire. 162. The Rt. Hon. Charles Lord Lucas, Baron of Shenfield in the county of Essex. 163. The Rt. Hon. John Lord Belasis, Baron of Worlabye in Lincolnshire. 164. The Rt. Hon. Edward Watson, Baron Rockingham in Northamptonshire... 165. The Rt. Hon. Charles Lord Gerard, Baron of Brandon in Suffolk... 166. The Rt. Hon. Robert Sutton, Baron Lexington of Aram in Nottinghamshire. 167. The Rt. Hon. Charles Henry Lord Kirkhoven, Baron Wotton in Kent. 168. The Rt. Hon. Marmaduke Lord Langdale, Baron of Holme Langdale in Westmoreland. 169. The Rt. Hon. William Lord Crofts, Baron of Saxham in Suffolk... 170. The Rt. Hon. John Lord Berkley, Baron of Stratton in Somersetshire.... 171. The Rt. Hon.Denzell Lord Holles, Baron of Ifield in Sussex... 172. The Rt. Hon. Charles Lord Cornwallis, Baron of Eye in Sufflok etc. 173. The Rt. Hon. George Lord Booth, Baron De la Mer of Dunham Massey in Cheshire etc. 174. The Rt. Hon. Horatio Lord Townsend, baron of Linn Regis in the county of Norfolke etc.... 175. The Rt. Hon. John Lord Crew, Baron of Stean in Northamptonshire. 176. The Rt. Hon. John Lord Frescheville, Baron of Staveley in Derbyshire. 177. The Rt. Hon. Richard Lord Arundell, Baron of Trerise in Cornwall. 178. The Rt. Hon. Thomas Butler, Earle of Ossery in Ireland, Baron Butler of More Park in Herefordshire... 179. The Rt. Hon. Hugh Lord Clifford of Chudleigh in Devonshire. 180. The Rt. Hon. Richard Butler, second son of his Grace James Duke of Ormond, Earl of Arran..... 181. The Rt. Hon. Heneage Lord Finch, Baron of Doventry.... Achievements of Irish Barons. 182. The Rt. Hon. Walter Lord Aston, Baron of Forfare in the Kingdom of Scotland.... 183. The Rt. Hon. Coecilius Colvert, Baron Baltemore de Baltemore in the Kingdom of Ireland.... 184. The Rt. Hon. William Allington, Baron of Killard in the Kingdom of Ireland. 185. The Rt. Hon. John Lord Baron of Kingston, Lord President of the Province of Connaught.... Achievements of Baronets. 186. The Rt. Hon. Sir George Carteret of Hawnes in Bedfordshire.... 187. The Hon. Sir Harbotle Grimson of Gorehambury in Hartfordshire.... 188. Sir Edmund Bacon of Redgrave in Suffolk, Premier Bart of England... 189. Sir Francis Radcliffe of Dilston in Northumberland.... 190. Sir Richard Atkins of Much Haddam in the County of Hertford... 191. Sir Francis Gerard of Harrow Hill in Middlesex and of Aston Clinton in the County of Buckinghamshire.... 192. Sir Thomas Mauleverer of Allerton Mauleverer in the West Riding of Yorkshire.... 193. Sir John Wittewronge of Rothamsted in the parish of Harpenden in the county of Hertford.... 194. Sir Thomas Peyton of Knowlton in the county of Kent.... 195. Sir Anthony Craven of Sparsholt in Berkshire.... 196. Sir Henry Puckering alais Newton of the priory near the Borough of Warwick in Warwickshire... 197. Sir Philip Mathews of Edmonton in Middlesex.... 198. Sir Thomas Tempest of Stelle in the Bishoprick of Durham... 199. Sir John Milineux of Teversall in the county of Nottingham... 200. Sir William Walter of Sarsden in Oxfordshire.... 201. Sir John Osborn of Chicksands in the county of Bedford... 202. Sir Robert Vyner of the Citty of London (Lord Mayor thereof A.D.1675).... 203. Sir Thomas Wolstenholm of Minsingden in the Parish of Edmunton in the County of Middlesex... 204. Sir Peter Gleane of Hardwick in the County of Norfolk... 205. Sir Robert Jason of Broadsomerford in Wiltshire.... 206. Sir Thomas Wilbraham of Woodhey in the county of Chester.... 207. Sir Thomas Myddelton of Chirk Castle in Denbighshire... 208. Sir John Bridgeman of Castle Bromwich in Warwickshire.... 209. Sir Samuel Barnadiston of Brightwell Hall in Suffolk.... 210. Sir Thomas Darcey of St. Clerehall in St. Oseth in the county of Essex... 211. Sir Humfrey Forster of Aldermaston in Barkshire.... 212. Sir John Robinson of the Citty of London (Alderman amd Lieut of H.M. Tower of London).... 213. Sir Ralph Verney of Middle Claydon in the County of Bucks... 214. Sir John Hobart of Blickling in Norfolk... 215. Sir John Corbett of Stoke upon Tean and Adderley in Shropshire... 216. Sir Vincent Corbett of Moarton Corbett in Shropshire.... 217. Sir Thomas Williams of Elham Court in Kent... 218. Sir Phillip Perceval of Burton in the county of Corke in Ireland... 219. Sir John Lowther of Lowther Hall in the County of Westmoreland.... 220. Sir Charles Wheler of Burbury in the county of Warwick.... 221. Sir Metcalf Robinson of Newby in the North Riding of Yorkshire.... 222. Sir Kingsmill Lucy of Netley in Hantshire... 223. Sir Thomas Hanmer of Hanmer & Bettesfield in the County of Flint.... 224. Sir Henry Hunlock of Wingerworth in Derbyshire.... 225. Sir William Glynne of Bister in Oxfordshire & of Harwarden in Flintshire. 226. Sir Richard Graham of Netherby in Cumberland.... 227. Sir John Banks of Fryers in Aylesford in the County of Kent... 228. Sir Edward More of Morehall & Bank hall in Lancashire.. 229. Sir John Holland of Quidenham in the County of Norfolk. 230. Sir Anthony Aucher of Byshopsbourn in Kent... 231. Sir John Reresby of Thriberge in the West Riding of Yorkshire... Atchievements of Knights. 232. The Rt. Hon. Sir Joseph Williamson of Milbeck Hall in Cumberland... 233. The Hon. Sir Robert Atkins of Totteridge in Hertfordshire and Sapperton in Gloucestershire... 234. Sir John Bennet of Dawly in Middlesex... 235. Sir Robert Southwell, one of the clerks attending H.M. King Charles II... 236. Sir Hugh Wyndham of Silton in Dorsetshire... 237. Sir Thomas Daniell of Beswick in the East Riding of Yorkshire... 238. Sir Thomas Monpesson of Bathampton in Wiltshire.... 239. Sir Thomas Lynch of Great Sonkey in Lancashire.... 240. Sir William Pelham of Brockleby in Lincolnshire.... 241. Sir Thomas Davies of the Citty of London, Knight and Mayor thereof in Anno 1677. 242. Sir William Prichard of the Citty of London, Knight and Alderman... 243. Sir Thomas Player of Hackney in Middlesex.... 244. Sir John Berkenhead, Knight Master of Requests to his Majesty, and Master of the Eaculties... 245. Sir William Drake of Amersham in the County of Bucks... 246. Sir William Pargiter of Greetworth in Northamptonshire.... 247. Sir William Waller of Winchester in Hantshire..... 248. Sir Robert Booth of Salford in Lancashire.... 249. Sir Charles Pitfield of Hoxton in the Parish of St. Leonard Shoreditch in Middlesex.... 250. Sir Thomas Middleton in Stanstead Mount Fitchit in the County of Essex.... 251. Sir Robert Hardinge late of Kings Newton in the Parish of Melbourne in Derbyshire.... 252. Sir John Kirke of East Ham in Essex.... 253. Sir Thomas Marshe of Darkes in the Parish of South Mimms in Middlesex.... 254. Sir William Bebersham of Holbrookhall in Suffolk.... 255. Sir William Hustler of Aklam in Cleveland in the County of York.... 256. Sir Joseph Sheldon of the Citty of London, Knight Alderman, Lord Mayor thereof Anno 1675. 257. Sir John Maynard of Gunnersby in the Parish of Ealing in the County of Middlesex.... 258. Sir John Shorter of the Citty of London.... 259. Sir Robert Peyton of East Barnet in the County of Hertford.... 260. Sir Edward Lowe of New Sarum in Wiltshire.... 261. Sir John James of Willsboro in Kent.... 262. Sir Stephen White of Hackney in the County of Middlesex... 263. Sir Stafford Brathwait of Caltrick in Richmondshire in the North Riding of Yorkshire.... 264. Sir Palmer Fairborne of Newark in Nottinghamshire.... 265. Sir Henry Thompson of Marston within the County of the Citty of York.... 266. Sir John Churchill of Churchill in Somersetshire.... 267. Sir Edmund Turnor of Stoke Pochford in Lincolnshire.... 268. Sir James Smith of the Citty of London, Knight and Aldeman... 269. Sir Richard Raynford of Dallington in the County of Northamptonshire.... 270. Sir Gilbert Talbot of Salwarp in Worcestershire.... 271. Sir Robert Clayton of the Citty of London, Knight and Alderman.... 272. The Rt. Hon. Sir Francis North, Lord Chief Justice.... 273. The Rt. Hon. Sir John Chichley of Wimpley in Cambridgeshire.... 274. Sir Thomas Dolman of Shaw in Berkshire.... 275. Sir John Sympson of the Inner Temple London.... Atchievements of Esquires. 276. The Rt. Hon. Henry Coventry Esq, his Majesty's principall Secretary of State.... 277. The Hon. John Hervey of Ickworth in Suffolk Esq, Treasurer to the Queens Majesty. 278. The Hon. William Ashburham of Ashburnham in the County of Sussex Esq, Cofferer to his Majesty King Charles II. 279. William Wharton Esq, [....] one of the grooms of the Bedchamber to King James. 280. Hender Molesworth of Spring Garden in the parish of St. Katherines in the island of Jamaica Esq.... 281. George Legge Esq, Governor of Portsmouth, Master of the Horse to his Royall Highness James Duke of York.... 282. Thomas Field of Stansted Bury in the County of Hertford Esq.... 283. Humfrey Wyrley of the Inner Temple Esq.... 284. Roger Twisden Esq [....] one of the Justices of his Majesty's Court of Kings Bench. 285. Edward Thurland Esq, one of the Barons of his Majestys Court of Exchequer. 286. Edward Roberts of the Citty of Dublin in the Kingdom of Ireland Esq... 287. The much Honoured Daniel Flemming of Buckormer in Cumberland & Rydal hall in Westmoreland Esq... 288. Bevill Skelton [...] was page on honour to his Majesty in his exile, now one of the Groomes of his Bedchamber.... 289. Thomas Mariet of Whitchurch in Warwickshire, & of Alscot Preston in Gloucestershire Esq... 290. Walter Chetwynd of Ingestre in the County of Stafford Esq. 291. Samuel Sanderson Esq... 292. Lewis Inkledon of Buckland in the Parish of Branton in the County of Devon Esq. 293. Colonell Titus of Bushy in the County of Hertford, one of the groomes of the Bedchamber. 294. Thomas Dereham Esq, of the ancient family of Dereham in Norfolk... 295. Evan Seys of Boverton in the County of Glamorgan.... 296. Andrew Lant of Thorp Underwood alias Thorp Billet in Northamptonshire Esq... 297. Samuel Pepys of Brampton in Huntingdonshire Esq, Secretary of the Admiralty to his Majesty King Charles II.... 298. John Georges of Banton in Gloucestershire Esq.... 299. John Butler D.D. Chaplain in ordinary to his Majesty King Charles II and Canon of Windsor..... 300. Capt. John Loggan of Idbury in Oxfordshire and of Bassetsbury in Bucks.... 301. Henry Pilkington of Stanton in the County of Derby Esq. 302. George Bowen Esq... 303. Henry Gilbertson [...] of Lockoe in Derbyshire Esq.... 304. John Colwell of the Inner Temple London Esq. 305. William Jollife of Carswall Castle in Staffordshire Esq.... 306. Henry Arthington of Arthington in the West Riding of Yorkshire Esq. 307. Thomas Modyford, of Eastuar in the County of Kent Esq.... 308. Erasmus Smith alias Herez St. Jones in the parish of Clerkenwell in Middlesex Esq.... 309. Humphrey Weld of Lulworth Castle in Dorsetshire Esq, Governor of his Majesty's Isle and Castles of Portland and Sandfoot.... 310. Col. Thomas Sackevile of Selscombe in Sussex.... 311. Skynner Byde Esq [...] of Ware Park in the County of Hertford... 312. Capt. John Huitson of Cleasby in the County of York.... 313. Thomas Tomlins of St. Leonards Bromley in Middlesex... 314. Nicholas Barbon of London M.D., one of the College of Phisitians of the said Citty.... 315. Beaumont Dixie of Bosworth in the County of Leicester Esq..... 316. Edward Peck of Samford Hall in the County of Essex, sergeant at Law to his Majesty King Charles II.... 317. William Peck of Samford Hall in the County of Essex.... 318. Thomas Burton of the City of London Esq. 319. Thomas Madden of the Inner Temple London Esq.... 320. Godwin Swift of Gooderidge in the County of Hereford Esq.... 321. Nathaniel Stoughton of St. Johnn near Warwick in Warwickshire Esq... 322. Capt. John Clifford of Frampton upon Severne in Gloucestershire.... 323. Richard Booth of the Citty of London Esq.... 324. Thomas Stephens Esq [....] of Little Sodbury in Gloucestershire.... 325. John Darnell of the Middle Temple London Esq.... 326. Gabriel Armiger of North Creake in the County of Norfolk, and of the Inner Temple London Esq. 327. William Dutton Colt Esq of Colt Hall in Suffolk... 328. Randolph Egerton of Betley in Staffordshire Esq.... 329. John Wildman of Beaucot alias Becket in the County of Berks Esq. 330. Nathan Knight of Rushcombe in Berkshire Esq... 331. John Lamplugh of Lamplugh in Cumberland Esq.... 332. William Thompson of the Middle Temple London Esq.... 333. William Atwood of Bromfeild in Essex and Grays Inn in Middlesex.... 334. John Warner of Brakenthwaite in the Parish of Kirkby-Overblow in the West Riding of Yorkshire.... 335. Jacob Lucie of the Citty of London Esq... 336. Richard Peirce of the Citty of London Esq. 337. Roger James of Riegate in Surrey ESq.... 338. Charles Beauvoir of the Citty of London Esq.... 339. Valentine Crome of Mayden-Early in Berkshire Esq... 340. Thomas Windham of Tale in Devonshire Esq.... 341. Daniel Collingwood of Branton in Northumberland Esq..... 342. John Jollife of the Citty of London Esq... 343. Paul Foley of Stoak-Court in the County of Hereford Esq... 344. Tollemach Duke of Lincolns Inn in Middlesex Esq.... 345. John Bennet of Abington in the County of Cambridge Esq. 346. John Lewkenor of West Deane in Sussex Esq..... 347. Thoamas Coxe M.D. Physitian in ordinary to his Majesty King Charles II. 348. Justinian Pagit of Grays Inn in Middlesex Esq.... 349. Joseph Micklethwaite of Swyne in Holderness in the County of York Esq. 350. William Mountagu Esq.... 351. Thomas Robinson of the Inner Temple London Esq, chiefe Prothonotary of his Majesty's Court of Comon Pleas. 352. Francis Diue of Bromham in the County of Bedford Esq... 353. Owen Feltham of Greys Inn in the County of Middlesex Esq... 354. Francis Wythens of Eltham in the County of Kent Esq... 355. John Strachey of Sutton Court in the County of Somerset Esq... 356. Nicholas Martyn of Lincolns Inn in Middlesex Esq..... 357. William Palmer of Winthorp in Lincolnshire Esq.... 358. Edward Clark of the Inner Temple London Esq.... 359. Anthony Rowe of St. Martins-in-the-Fields in the County of Middlesex Esq.... 360. Henry Marwood of little Busby in Yorkshire Esq.... 361. Edward Brabazon of Ballyarthur in the County of Wickloe in Ireland Esq.... 362. William Loggan of Butlers Marston in Warwickshire Esq.. 363. Henry Brouncker of Rumboldweek in Sussex and, of Brokeclish (?) in Norfolk Esq. 364. James Vernon of St. Martins-in-the-Fields in Middlesex, Esq, Secretary to the Rt. noble James Duke of Monmouth. 365. Thomas Cudmore of Kelvedon in Essex Esq.... 366. Samuel Collins, Dr. in Physick, late fellow of Trinity Colledge in Cambridge.... Atchievements of Gentlemen. 367. Mr. William Mainstone alias Mayneston of the Citty of London, Merchant, Gent.... 368. John Bourne of Morefields in the parish of St. Leonards, Shoreditch in Middlesex, Doctor in Physick..... 369. John Rowe of the Citty of Bristoll..... 370. Mr. Peter Vandeput of the Citty of London, Merchant, Gent. 371. Mr. John Vanheck of the Citty of London, Merchant, Gent.... 372. This Coate of Armour is borne by the Stanleys of Devonshire.... 373. John Gregorie of St. Margrets Westminster in Middlesex, Gent... 374. Mr. Thomas Shaw of the Citty of London, Merchant, Gent... 375. Ralph Marshall, Gent, Secretary to the Rt. Hon. William Earle of Craven.... 376. Francis Lunde of Parsons Green in the Parish of Fulham in Middlesex, Gent..... 377. Richard Stratford of Hawling and Nether Getting in Gloucestershire, Gent....