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BRUYERE, Paul (Commandant)
1635-1885 Historique du 2e Regiment de Dragons...

Chartres: Imprimerie Garnier, 1885.
Chartres: Imprimerie Garnier, 1885.

A French work of Military costumes depicting the history of this Regiment. Soft covers with hand coloured boards showing the regimental flags and colours. Fresh cloth boards, new endpapers, uncut. missing text from p.145-160, some plates torn and chipped at edges. Prelim MS inscription in French by Paul Bruyere. *Rebinding and restoration work on this book was carried out by Ron Norman of Hartlepool. (Ronnorm@aol.com)* Coloured plates in order: 1. Frontis. Conde-Cavalerie 1690. 2. Conde-Cavalerie 1724. 3. Conde-Cavalerie 1749. 4. Conde-Cavalerie 1762. 5. Entenard de Conde-Cavalerie avant 1740 / Etendard de Conde-Cavalerie 1740-1776 / Guidon de Conde-Dragons 1776-1791. 6. Conde-Dragons 1776. 7. Conde-Dragons. Tambour 1784. 8. 2nd Regiment de Dragons sous-officier et trompette. 1873. 9. Guidons d'Escadron, 1803 et Republique 1791-1804. 10. 2nd Regiment de Dragons. Republique et Empire 1791 a 1815. 11. 2nd Regiment de Dragons. Compagnie d'Elite. 1808. 12. Dragons du Doubs. 2nd de Dragons 1816. 13. 2nd Regiment de Dragons 1838. 14. 2nd Regiment de Dragons. Officier, tenue de ville; Dragon 1845. 15. 2nd Regiment de Dragons sous-officier et trompette 1873. 16. Etendard sous Napoleon I, 1804-1815 / Etendard des Dragons du Doubs, 1815-1830 / Etendard donne au Regiment en 1880. 17. 2nd Regiment de Dragons 1885.