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A Practical Treatise on Painting. In three parts. Consisting of hints on Composition, Chiaroscuro, and Colouring.
London: James Carpenter, Old Bond St, 1827.
First collected edition 3 parts in 1 as issued; 4to pp. [6] [4] 22; vi [2] 45; ix [3] 64; 25 engraved plates, 8 of them hand-coloured; full contemporary calf neatly, re-backed with old dark morocco spine label. The three parts were originally published separately in 1822, 1826 and 1827 the above complete edition being made up from the sheets of the second edition of Part 1 and first editions of Parts 2 and 3 the whole connected with a general title. Ownership plate of "Peter Scupham" affixed to front paste down.

Coloured plates in order:

1. Plate 1. (7 figs) Fig 1. represents the colours of the iris, as described by Sir Isaac Newton. Fig 2. Colours as arranged by Leonardo da Vinci. Fig 3. Represents the arrangement of Mengs. Figs 4 & 5. The arrangement of 'warm' and 'cold' colours. Fig 6. The means by which a painter produces his effect is y light and shade, hot and cold colours. Fig 7. The nature of light upon any object is to communicate the colour of its rays to such object....
2. Plate 2. (5 figs) Fig 1. Harmony arising from the reflection of one colour upon the adjoining... Fig 2. A picture composed of the two extremes of hot and cold... Fig 3. The harmony arising from the union of two colours in producing a third... Fig 4. The harmony arising from a continuation of the same colour conducted from the extreme light to the deepest shade passing through a variety of graduations... Fig 5. When the main light is mostly composed of cool colours, as we see in the open daylight in nature, then for the sake of contrast and force, the darks ought to be warm in colour...
3. Plate 3. (2 figs) Fig 1. Represents the Bacchus and Ariadne of Titian. Fig 2. The Entombment of Christ.
4. Plate 4. (2 figs) Fig 1. A holy Family with Saints; Francis, Catherine, John and Jerome. Fig 2. Picture comprising; St. Peter, the Virgin, the flag of St. George, & St. Francis.
5. Plate 5. (3 figs) Fig 1. "The Good Samaritan" by Rembrandt. Fig 2. "The Prince of Orange going out in the Morning" by Cuyp. Fig 3. "The Descent from the Cross" by Rubens.
6. Plate 6. Represents the "Rape of the Sabines" by Rubens.
7. Plate 7. (3 figs) Fig 1. "A Family Group" by Rubens. Fig 2. "Titian and his Mistress." Fig 3. "The Portrait of Bentivoglio" by Vandyke.
8. Plate 8. (4 figs) Fig 1. "An Interior" by de Hooge. Fig 2. de Hooge representing an effect of sunshine. Fig 3. "Strolling Musicians at a Cottage Door" by Ostade. Fig 4. "An Interior" by Ostade.
Abbey Life 100; Lowndes I 324.
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